Spiritual movements and individual expression

Ascended Master Jesus, December 31, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

And thus you see, my beloved, a spiritual movement must give people the room to grow in different ways, in their different tempos. For not everyone is the same, and so it is a goal to have in mind, that you create a movement that has a high degree of tolerance. Where you allow different people to be who they are, and allow them to express themselves freely, without putting any restraints upon them.

But of course, you must also balance this by realizing that there is a distinction to be made. And the distinction to be made is very simply this: consider my statement that unless you become as little children, you cannot enter the kingdom. What is the characteristic of children? It is that they desire to express themselves. And sometimes you can look at a child and you realize, that their expression is not mature. But you do not go in and chastise the child, you allow them to express this, because to know that as the child grows, it will grow out of this.

Of course, you also look at the little children and you see, that sometimes they will express themselves in a way that creates conflict between one child and another. Or you see one child that seeks to dominate other children, even to deliberately hurt other children. And in that case, of course, you step in as the parent and bring an end to this. Because you realize that the child cannot stop itself, so you as the parent must then set the limits and say: “You cannot go beyond this!” Simply because you realize, that this is not the child’s highest potential.

So you see, I am not here saying that you need to have a spiritual movement where anyone can come and express negative, or hateful, or destructive viewpoint towards other people. For of course, if you allow any free expression, you will see that there will be those people who come in who are so trapped in the duality consciousness, that they will attempt to turn your spiritual movement into just another extension of the dualistic power struggle.

They will come in with an agenda to dominate, to control, or even to put other people down. And this, of course, cannot be, in a spiritual movement that has the goal of working towards the oneness of the members. You see my beloved, you cannot take an extreme position, whereas on the one side you see the traditional Christian churches that disallow any free expression. But you cannot jump into the other extreme and say you should allow any free expression. Because either way you will not create true oneness.

You can create true oneness only when you are dealing with people, who understand the need to find the consciousness of the child.

Where you are willing to freely express what you feel, but you are also willing to listen for those who can take the role of a parent, because they have more experience or more understanding. And can therefore guide you and set a limit and say: “Now, I think you are expressing something that is not truly an expression of a desire for oneness, and I think you could do better than this.”

And so you see, it is a delicate balance. And what so many people desire, and what the ego desires more than anything, is that we of the ascended masters come in and say: here we have a clearly defined movement. This has clearly defined doctrines, clearly defined rules. And if you do this, and if you don’t do that, then you are guaranteed to be saved.


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A new type of spiritual movement

Ascended Master Mother Mary, January 4, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Yet my beloved, Jesus came to set the stage for the emergence of an entirely new spiritual movement that was nothing like the rigid religion whose representatives challenged and eventually killed him. Namely a movement where the human ego cannot gain control, cannot play its games, cannot outplay its dramas—for the Holy Spirit flowing through the people will expose it for what it is.

This, then, was the seed also planted by the Buddha in his attempt to create a Sangha that would sustain the onslaught of the demons of Mara, working through the egos of the very members who claim to be the representatives of the Buddha or the students of the Buddha. But you see, even Buddhism was split into many factions, as so often happens, my beloved, when you have the emergence of a power elite. Then comes the emergence of a counter elite, and the struggle between them causes them to go their separate ways, some creating a new offshoot of the old movement, now claiming this is the only right one—whereas the old one still claims to be the only right one.

And so, you see, my beloved, this, of course, cannot be the true Sangha of the Buddha, for there is something unresolved here. There is an attachment to a particular expression of the Buddha’s teachings, as so many Christians display a clear attachment to the teachings of Christ. And as so many Muslims display an attachment to a particular interpretation of the teachings brought forth through Mohammed, as Shiites, as Sunnis, or whatever shading it might be, my beloved.

And so, we see the potential to bring our quest to fruition, and to bring forth—not simply a spiritual movement that sees itself as different from all those other spiritual movements that are rigid and where the ego runs rampant, thinking that you are ego free or you are better. No, we look to you to have the potential to create and to express an entirely new approach to spirituality, where you do not allow yourselves to enter into that state of clearly defining your movement and your culture, feeling this is who we are as opposed to those outside.

You do not allow the ego to play that game of separation and superiority. And thus, you allow yourselves to be ever open to the flow from Above, through whomever the Holy Spirit may blow. Making sure, of course, that you have the discernment of what is the Holy Spirit, and what is simply someone outplaying their drama, claiming to have the authority of the ascended masters or the authority of the Holy Spirit in order to get attention—or control.

No community without communication

And thus, if you are to be successful in manifesting and maintaining such a movement, such a culture, you must, my beloved – if you are willing – consider the teachings we have given during this conference. You must come to the point, spoken of by Saint Germain, of being free to speak out when there is something that you know is not right, so that the ego cannot hide, so that the illusions cannot remain in the dark where no one can see them for what they are. This does not mean that you all have to be perfect. On the contrary, it means that all should be free to express themselves at their present level of consciousness—and to then be lovingly shown that the way they look at things might have a slight coloring of some belief in their personal database that is not quite the highest truth, the highest reality, the highest perspective.

This, of course, is precisely what the Buddha established on earth, when he was physically present—when he created the Sangha as a sphere set apart, where the demons of Mara could not run rampant. And thus, those who entered that sphere – that sacred sphere – they had an opportunity to see that there is an alternative to the consciousness of the world—to the Sea of Samsara, the sea of suffering.

Likewise, Jesus established the same circle with his disciples and others that came in closer contact with him—although some of his disciples could not maintain it, but only had it for brief moments and then lapsed back into their old patterns. Surely, you will see the same here, where some of you come to a realization, and you actually see your drama. But then you go back and sleep on it, and come back, and now you are right back in the drama as if nothing had happened.

But what I desire all of you to see is that when you come to the point where you are free, then this does not matter. For even if people outplay their dramas, you will simply refuse to play along with it. And if you keep doing this and stay out of the drama, well then people will either be transformed, or they will find somewhere else where people are more receptive to their dramas. For after all, my beloved, if they do not get what they want from you, then why would they keep trying?

And they might leave being very negative, projecting upon you that you are unkind, you are unloving, you are not spiritual, you are not this, or you are not that. But again, if you are free, it will not faze you, for you know that you have not been the doer, you have allowed the greater power to stream through you in an attempt – as an expression of God’s unconditional love – to awaken those people. And you bow to the Law of Free Will that they have a right, then, to respond in any way they desire.


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New vision for spiritual movements

Ascended Master Patrick, May 18, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

But I tell you, my beloved, we are not out to produce an impressing display in front of 50,000 people, where we have people fall over and jump out of wheel chairs. For that is not our aim with Aquarian age movements. Our aim is to awaken those who do not need these outer manifestations. Because, as I said yesterday, they know what is true in their hearts.

What is it we desire to see for modern spiritual movements. Well, we do not desire to see one or two people who have the flow of the Spirit. We desire to see many who have the flow of the Spirit in various forms and capacities. The same God that is in me is in you. The same God that was in Christ Jesus when he walked the earth is in you right now at this moment. The difference is that Jesus was willing to say, “Not my will but thine be done. I and my Father are one, so my Father can do whatever he wants to do through me. And whatever words I receive from my Father, I will speak them to the people.”

Jesus was willing to let the God in him out of the box. When you become willing to do the same thing, surely that God will work through you, according to your divine plan. So the question is, again, when will you be willing to do this? When will you be willing to let go of your expectations and your conditions? For those expectations and conditions have exactly the effect of preventing God from working through you, for God will not violate your free will. If you have an expectation that the Holy Spirit should flow only in certain ways, well then the Holy Spirit will not flow through you. It simply cannot be, for in the Aquarian Age, the Holy Spirit will only flow through those who are in the River of Life, the river of self-transcendence, and who are willing to demonstrate that river by being willing to transcend themselves on a daily basis, never saying “This cannot be done,” never saying “This should be such and such.”

Do not be disturbed by anything, do not be disturbed by a sudden noise, do not be disturbed by other people’s reactions and their thoughts. Being who you are is the absolute requirement for making your ascension. You cannot enter the kingdom of God permanently until you have demonstrated that you are willing to be the Christ in front of the world and the condemnation of the world. For only in being willing to demonstrate that, to endure the scorn and the ridicule and the persecution of the world, can you truly demonstrate to yourself that you have attained total non-attachment to the things of this world.

The ultimate test is to let those who are the scornful do and say whatever they want to say, and just turn the other cheek. For when you feel in your Being that no matter what they send at you, it will not touch that infinite peace in your heart, well then you know that you have overcome your expectations, your attachments, your conditions.

And that is when you can then fulfill the final requirement for the ascension. Which is that you are willing to turn away from this world, to face the gate to the spiritual world and take that final step that brings you through that gate forever, so that you permanently leave the earth behind. This is sometimes the most difficult test. And I can assure you that even for Jesus and myself this was a difficult test, for we still had a desire to see our work come to fruition and benefit other people.

But in the end, we had to be willing to say that if nothing visible had come out of our efforts on this earth, we were still willing to leave the earth behind. For if we had not been willing to do this, what would have happened? Well, we would have had to come back into embodiment, would we not? Until we came to the point where we felt we could let go of the expectations and the conditions and walk that final step that permanently raised us above this world, regardless of the conditions in this world.

I thank you for enduring with me during this long discourse, but I wanted to give you a feel for my true Being. And so I deemed it more comfortable for you that I did not do that on the mountain yesterday. Once again, I seal you in the ascension coil of Patrick, the ascended master. I give you a portion of my Peace, the peace that I found inside myself, the peace that helped me become non-attached to the serpents of this world, therefore rising above them as if they had never existed. Thus, I say to you, “BE in the Peace of the ascended master Patrick.” Thus, it is done!


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The perversion of spiritual organizations

Ascended Master Nada, April 6, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Yet, so far on this earth, what has happened to every spiritual organization is that, after some time, it has fallen prey to the manipulations of those who are trapped in the duality consciousness and therefore do not truly want to serve all life. They want to claim to serve God, but it is the external remote being in the sky that they serve. And therefore, they need you to keep believing in the illusion of the external God.

These are the ones that Jesus talked about, when he talked about the hypocrites, who prayed in the streets to be seen of men, who fasted and walked around with distorted faces so everyone could see that they were fasting. Or those who paraded themselves in the temples, in the synagogues, as always being the superior, the wiser ones, because they knew all this intellectually and they did all the outer things right. Yet as Jesus said, “Your heart is far from me.” For they had not cleared their heart of the anti-love that had entered that heart at some distant time, when they chose to separate themselves from the teacher of love—whomever that teacher was, in whatever sphere they separated themselves.

God cannot be grasped by the intellect

The clearing of the heart is the key to overcoming the duality consciousness and the illusion of the remote God. For you can see all manner of people in the world – whether they be in a formal religion or not – you can see all manner of people who believe they have God all figured out with the intellect. Some believe that they have intellectually proven that God does not exist. Some believe they have intellectually proven that God does exist. But, my beloved, both are wrong.

Surely, that will sound startling to some—that I can say that those who believe they have intellectually proven God’s existence can be wrong. But you see, their conclusion is not wrong, for God does exist. But what is wrong is two things. First, the God, the image of God, that they think they have proven is the graven image of the remote God. And the second thing is that the intellect cannot fathom the real God. For the Living God is beyond the intellect and beyond all intellectual reasoning, all analysis, all comparison.

God is incomparable, and the intellect works by analyzing through comparison. Something is right, something is real, in comparison to something else. Yet God cannot be compared to anything else, especially not anything in this world. For when you compare God to anything in this world, what do you do? You create a graven image. And now you say, “Oh this is the way God is. Now we have figured God out, we have created a neat little mental box, we have put a label on it that says ‘God’ and now we think the real God is going to jump into the box and pretend that he can fit inside of it.”


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When leaders feel threatened

Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, January 1, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

This is indeed why Jesus said that the first shall be last and the last shall be first. For what happens when those who are the most experienced, those who have attained positions of leadership, become rigid in their approach to the path or in their approach to a particular teaching or organization? Well, I will tell you what happens. Their growth comes to a halt.

Yet there are those who have not been in the organization for as long, and they have not become rigid and they are still committed to growth. So they use the teaching or the organization to grow, and there comes the inevitable point where they start growing beyond the level of spiritual attainment of those who are in leadership positions. What will inevitably happen is that those in leadership positions suddenly feel threatened by those that they had considered as being below them in the hierarchy that they had established in their minds.

Suddenly they realize that these newcomers, these upstarts, want more than just passively following the leaders. And in some cases it is true that those who are less experienced want to fulfill their ego desires, or maybe they lust after the power of those in positions of leadership. And thus, truly, they are not worthy of those positions.

Yet I must tell you that in virtually every organization of any merit there is a certain group of people who are beginning to grow out of the ego and manifest their Christhood, and thus they have an inevitable and unstoppable longing to express that Christhood. They truly are the ones who are worthy to hold positions of leadership or in other ways express their Christhood within the framework of the organization. And if those who have positions of leadership were equally committed to manifesting and expressing their Christhood, there would be no conflict. For truly, all would then find their place and be able to express their Christ attainment and their God flames. But what inevitably happens is that the leaders who have lost their commitment to growth feel threatened, and so they seek to hold back the ones that are growing in Christhood.

The greatest tragedy in spiritual organizations

My Beloved, this is the greatest tragedy of any spiritual organization—when this process comes to a head and the inevitable confrontation occurs. So many scenarios have outplayed themselves throughout the ages that if I were to tell you about them, you would literally feel nauseated. You would feel like throwing up in disgust by seeing how the ego – again and again – has managed to cause sincere spiritual seekers to enter into the dualistic game of trying to prove who is right and whose ego is better than whose.

My Beloved hearts, this has been going on for so long that we of the ascended masters have simply had enough. We have said, “Enough is enough. It is time for us to establish organizations and movements on this planet, where these ego games can no longer destroy the organization and destroy those who are sincerely following the path.” Thus we ask those of you who are open to this new dispensation, those who are open to Maitreya’s Sphere of Oneness, to commit yourself to overcoming these ego games, first in yourselves and then seeking to help others overcome them.

I speak sternly now, for I do indeed come as the force of the Father, the force of the Buddha, to bring you into alignment with the higher will of your own being and make you see that you too have tired of these ego games. You have in many past lifetimes been involved with spiritual movements. You have put forth sincere efforts, only in the end to see your efforts dashed and your pearls cast before swine, where they were devoured by those who were so caught up in the ego games that they would not let them go.

You too have come to the point, where you have said, “Enough is enough” and that is why you are where you are today in consciousness. Yet I know that there are some spiritual people who are not yet open to the teachings we are giving because you have been too hurt, they have been too put down. And you have allowed yourself to take those hurts personally, to become attached to them, so that you are not willing to let them go. You are not willing to realign yourself with the higher will of the Father which says, “My child it is time to come home. It is time to stop playing in the sand. It is time to stop hiding your head in the sand, but to rise up, stand firm and be who you are. Come up higher! Let go of these old hurts, let go of these old wounds and realize that you were hurt by others because they were trapped by the ego and you allowed yourself to feel hurt because you were trapped by the ego.”

The only solution is that someone has to step outside of that ego game. And my beloved hearts, I am calling you to be that one who will step outside of the ego game and recommit yourself to the true path, the path of Oneness. This truly is what we desire to see happen in the coming years. This is why Maitreya was granted this dispensation of the Sphere of Oneness, which I must tell you is a grand dispensation when you consider what is going on on this planet at this very moment in so many areas, where the ego games are allowed to run rampant even to the point that people are willing to kill millions of people in order to prove that their religion or their ideology is right.


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Why the first shall be last

Ascended Master Jesus, December 25, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

If you look at spiritual organizations, you will see that there are many people who have put forth a great effort. They have taken up leadership positions in those organizations. And many of them have been responsible for putting forth the effort that has helped those organizations grow to where they are today. Yet too many of these leaders have become stuck in the consciousness that I am talking about here, of seeking to elevate themselves and their organization, building the subtle sense of superiority that they belong to the most important spiritual organization on the planet—because their organization has the highest teachings on the planet or is sponsored by the ascended masters or whatever outer characteristic they use to build a sense of superiority that truly can spring only from the ego.

You see many who have taken up leadership positions and consider themselves worthy to hold a leadership position in a spiritual organization. Yet I must tell you frankly that nobody who has not stepped onto the path of selfless service is worthy to hold any position of authority or leadership in any spiritual organization whatsoever. That is why I said to my disciples, “He who would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all” (Matthew 20:27).

What I am asking you to do today is to realize that what I said to my disciples 2,000 years ago was a reflection of humankind’s consciousness at the time. It is now 2,000 years later. We are now on the brink of entering the Aquarian age, and if you want to be a true spiritual seeker in the Aquarian age, you need to raise your consciousness beyond what it was in the past. And you need to raise your consciousness beyond the entire level of consciousness that compares itself to others.

Do you see that my disciples, even though they had followed me for three years – and had the opportunity to internalize my teachings through my example by being in my Presence – they had not truly internalized my message. They were fighting amongst themselves about who would be the leader among them when I passed from the screen of life. Can you see that in so doing they were stuck in the duality consciousness of comparing, of thinking that one person was more important than others, that one position in a spiritual movement is more important than others. And thus, by attaining this position, you have elevated yourself above others and now your ego can feel safe that it must be saved when you hold such a high position. Can you see that this is simply the consciousness of duality?

And therefore, I tell you that in the Aquarian age this state of consciousness will not be tolerated. We will, as long as we have messengers who are able to receive our word in a pure form, mercilessly expose those who come to spiritual organizations with this state of consciousness.

The requirement is clear. You must be committed to overcoming the ego. You must be committed to walking the path of selfless service. For truly, as Archangel Michael has said, it is not the outer results you achieve that are the most important to us. What is most important to us is the sense of inner oneness with each other, with the ascended masters and with God within you. This is what matters to us, because we desire to create spiritual movements that will demonstrate the path of selfless service, as it has not been demonstrated for the past 2,000 years and beyond. This is our commitment from Above and we are looking for those who will make that same commitment here below.

The real goal is oneness

Let me state something very, very clearly. In many spiritual organizations too many students have become trapped in thinking that because their organization had this or that unique feature, it had to be the most important organization on the planet, it was the essential organization for saving the world and bringing in the Golden Age of Aquarius. And therefore, the organization itself became a goal instead of a means to an end.

Suddenly people started thinking that the most important thing was to make the organization grow and to get the teachings out no matter how they did so. People began thinking that they did not have to internalize the teachings but that it was more important to focus on outer achievements, giving so and so many decrees, putting on so and so many lectures, selling so and so many books. My Beloved hearts, this is not important in the Aquarian age! It is not the outer results we look for.

We do not care how many members you attract, how many books you sell, how many people you reach, how many people you convert, how much money you have, how much property you can buy. We do not care about these outer things, for we would rather have a few people who would come into total oneness with each other and total oneness with the ascended masters. For I will tell you that if even a small number of you in embodiment would come into that oneness, then through your oneness we could save the world.

I will not tell you how big that number is, but I will tell you that compared to the size of many spiritual and religious organizations in the world today, it is a very small number. In a sense we might say that the number is one. For if we have a number of people who have come into oneness, then we have the oneness of God in manifestation on earth. And the oneness of God is always a majority, is always the decisive force that can solve any problem. For as I said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” With the consciousness of separation, where people seek to elevate themselves rather than elevating all life, it is impossible to solve the many problems you see in the world. But when people come into the consciousness of oneness, the power of God through them can solve all of the problems you see in the world.

Thus, this is what we desire to see for you. We applaud you, those of you who have already demonstrated that you are willing to come into oneness and use this teaching as a tool to expand your oneness. We see you around the world, many of you sitting individually, but you come together in other ways through the means of communication here below, or you come together in the spiritual realm, in the spiritual sense, through a sense of oneness that transcends all physical means of communication.

We applaud those of you who have started walking that path of oneness. And I hope that my discourse today will clarify for you what the path is really all about. I even hope against hope that my discourse will reach some of the lawyers who are stuck on the path of separation and awaken them and make them realize that no matter what they have done in the past, they can transcend that state of consciousness and they can be welcomed into oneness—as they are willing to raise their motivation and their approach.

So my beloved hearts, I now bless the communion and I hope you will partake of this communion with a greater sense of why Christ gave his body and blood so that you might absorb it, and through absorbing the consciousness of Christ, come into oneness with Christ, oneness with God and oneness with God in each other and in all life. Thus I, Jesus Christ, charge this communion with the Spirit of Oneness that I AM, with the Spirit of Oneness with which I have been one for now 2,000 years, with the Spirit of Oneness with which every ascended master has become one and remains one. Thus, I say, “It is done. It is finished!”


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Spiritual movements and Christhood

The ascended masters say that we are now in the Age of Aquarius which is an age of freedom, of the flow of the Holy Spirit and of community. The masters have given a lot of teachings about spiritual communities. 

This section contains articles that relate to the other topics on this website, especially how Christhood is a process of unending self-transcendence. Thus, a spiritual organization must never become rigid. You can do a search on the Ascended Master Light website to find more dictations that talk about community.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Why the first shall be last

  • Many leaders become stuck in the consciousness of seeking to elevate themselves and their organization, building the subtle sense of superiority that they belong to the most important spiritual organization on the planet.
  • Only those who have stepped onto the path of selfless service are worthy to hold any position of authority or leadership in any spiritual organization.
  • Jesus’ disciples competed amongst themselves, but this state of consciousness is outdated in the Aquarian age.
  • An organization, its survival and growth, can easily become a goal in itself.
  • The real goal of spiritual organizations is oneness, vertical and horizontal.

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When leaders feel threatened

  • Those who have attained positions of leadership often become rigid in their approach to the path or in their approach to a particular teaching or organization.
  • Such people stop their growth.
  • They now feel threatened by those who are still growing and seek to use their positions to halt the growth of others.
  • This causes an entire organization to stagnate.
  • Those with Christhood refuse to suppress it and this often leads to a confrontation with the leaders who refuse to grow.

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The perversion of spiritual organizations

  • Many spiritual organizations promote the image of the remote God.
  • Many use an organization to parade their spirituality.
  • No room for intellectual comparisons in a true spiritual organization.

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New vision for spiritual movements

  • In the Aquarian age the masters seek to awaken people without outer signs and demonstrations.
  • The masters desire to see many people who have the flow of the Spirit in various forms and capacities.
  • Jesus was willing to let the God in him out of the box. When you become willing to do the same thing, surely that God will work through you.
  • The ultimate test is to let those who are the scornful do and say whatever they want to say, and just turn the other cheek.

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A new type of spiritual movement

  • Jesus came to set the stage for the emergence of a new spiritual movement that was nothing like the rigid religion whose representatives challenged and eventually killed him.
  • This was the seed also planted by the Buddha in his attempt to create a Sangha that would sustain the onslaught of the demons of Mara.
  • A spiritual organization where the ego is not running things.

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Spiritual movements and individual expression

  • A spiritual movement must give people the room to grow in different ways, in their different tempos.
  • It must allow people to express their individual Christhood.
  • This is a delicate balance between the needs of the individual and the needs of the organization.
  • It can be found only through the Christ consciousness.

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Is objectivity possible?

Ascended Master Jesus, January 4, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

And this is, indeed, the desire that is the hope for the awakening of humankind, when you dare to witness that you had that desire, that you were willing to follow it, and that you have indeed experienced the Living God—as this messenger expressed in his video, where he talks about the only proof of the existence of God is the direct experience. Look through the comments on that video, my beloved, and see how those trapped in the duality consciousness seek to deny or ridicule every aspect of it, seeking to come up with a very “clever” belief, my beloved, (and “clever” of course being in quotation marks), that everything is just a matter of subjective experience, that there is no objective experience, no objective reality.

Yet, my beloved, understand the subtle difference. You are an individualization of the Creator’s Being. The Creator is omnipresent. Your sense of self is focused at a particular localized point. The Creator sees everything from the omnipresent perspective; you see the world from your localized perspective. Do you see that, certainly, you do not have the omnipresent perspective of the Creator? But does that mean you cannot have an objective experience?

Well, that depends on how you define “objective,” my beloved. For you see, if the materialists are right that you cannot have an objective experience, then they have nullified their own philosophy and argument. Because then it follows logically that materialism and their belief in materialism – and their belief in the superiority of materialism over any form of faith – is also their subjective experience. And thus, they cannot be any more right than any religion. And they are in fact arguing that, “My subjective experience is superior to your subjective experience.” And this of course – if they were honest – nullifies their entire argument.

And thus, we come to the realization that we need a slightly deeper understanding of the concept of objectivity, my beloved. And it is very simple. As we have said, any human being on this planet is at this very moment looking at the world through his or her personal database that forms a filter for how you look at everything, how you categorize any experience by relating it to your previous experiences and beliefs in the database. Seeing the world through the filter of your database is a subjective experience. Whether you are a religious person who believes in God – but has never experienced the Presence of God – or whether you are a materialist who denies the existence of God, you are seeing the world through your subjective filter.

But you see, my beloved, it is indeed possible for human beings to come to see one or a few steps beyond their present filter, to expand their database, or even to go beyond the database and experience a new understanding, a higher understanding.

Science and objectivity

My Beloved, for centuries science has precisely empowered people to see beyond some of the hypocrisy and superstition created by the rigid Christianity of the Middle Ages. And do you not see, then, that science itself claims that it is possible to have an objective experience? What scientists are currently denying is that one can have such an experience through consciousness.

But as quantum physics has proven, you can never have an experience that is not coming through your consciousness. So the question of how objective your experience is depends on how dense the filter of your personal database is. Which means that when you go through a conscious effort of questioning and challenging the assumptions and beliefs in your database – replacing them with a higher understanding, or perhaps discarding them altogether – then you can gradually work towards a state of consciousness where even though you still see the world from a localized perspective, you are not seeing the world through the filter of a database filled with dualistic beliefs. And this, my beloved, is the true definition of objectivity.

This does not mean that there is some ultimate standard of objectivity that you can attain while still in embodiment. For the only ultimate standard of objectivity is the omnipresent awareness of the Creator. But nevertheless, it means that those who are willing to see beyond duality – those who are willing to consider how their view of the world is colored by their database – well they can work towards a state of mind where they are clear from the dualistic beliefs. Instead of seeing through a glass darkly, as Paul expressed it, they can now see him for who he is. They can see Christ reality. They can see themselves as spiritual beings, extensions of the Creator’s Infinite Being, focused in a particular point in the finite world, but with an infinite potential to go beyond it and embrace infinity.


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Hold the vision for a breakthrough in science

Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 15, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Surely, if you understand the reality described by quantum physics, you will see that if the consciousness of the scientist has a fundamental influence on the scientific observation, then a scientist cannot see – through any scientific means – what he in his consciousness believes does not exist. For you will not see reality, if you put the spyglass in front of the blind eye, as Lord Nelson did at that famous battle of Trafalgar. There are so many people in the scientific community who are very, very close to breaking through. But they are still putting their scientific spyglass in front of the blind eye, for they refuse to see that there could be some spiritual reality to life, that there could be something beyond the material universe, and that their own science has already pointed to that something—if only they would look at it through the objectivity that they claim is the very cornerstone of science.

There are already scientists who have seen the unreality and the limitations of the materialistic paradigm, and who have started to bring forth new observations and new theories. Including theories about the actual intelligence of the cell, and the fact that a human being is not exclusively the product of the DNA, but that the cell itself actually has a form of intelligence, that allows it to respond to the environment and allows it to respond to a greater state of consciousness that is beyond the DNA and what can be encoded in the DNA.

This is already there at the forefront of biology, but of course it has not been recognized by the mainstream of science. For again, you have people here who have been trapped into thinking that by promoting the materialistic paradigm, they are actually working for an ultimate cause, working for some ultimate truth. And they have refused to see, that they are simply being used in order to keep the people pacified through that materialistic paradigm—by believing that they have no in-built ability to fundamentally change their situation in life. And thus, they have become slaves of forces in the material realm.

Many of those who are the scientifically minded people, clearly see that the medieval churches kept people trapped in ignorance because they had made the people believe that they were the subjects to a human, earthly institution, namely the Catholic Church and the Pope. So, what is the irony that these people believe that they are working for the cause of setting human beings free from such slavery, but they fail to see that they have simply created another earthly institution which now defines that there is not – nor can there be – any force beyond the material universe? And what is the logical conclusion of this philosophy? Well, it is that if there is nothing beyond the material universe, then human beings have no possibility whatsoever of ever becoming free of the limitations of the material realm—including those forces who form a power elite and who at any time are setting up their institutions to control the people, using whatever philosophy is prevalent in society, whether it be the medieval Catholic Church or the modern scientific establishment that is based on materialism.


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Inconsistencies in the theory of evolution

Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 15, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

The problem in the theory of evolution is that it, of course, cannot explain how there can be such an overall consciousness, that is able to consider what is best for the entire species, and therefore enable human beings who have self-awareness to consciously and willingly override their own narrow, short-term self-interest in order to work for the survival of the race as a whole. And thus, those scientists who promote the theory of evolution have an inconsistency in their own logic.

For the very fact that they are seeking to promote the theory of evolution as a way to create peace on earth and overcome the fighting caused by religion, demonstrates that they have a greater awareness, an awareness that cannot be explained simply through the survival of the fittest, as the theory of evolution currently explains this mechanism. Even in the materialistic paradigm there is a logical flaw, and the scientists themselves demonstrate that flaw by arguing that materialism would create peace where religion has created war. For the very fact that they argue this cause shows that there must be some state of consciousness, that can allow human beings to look beyond their own narrow self-interest, to tune in to what is best for the race as a whole.

And where in the current materialistic paradigm is there room for such an overall state of consciousness, that goes beyond the individual and the individual genes? Well, it simply is not there. And it is not there because scientists themselves, the scientists in the field of biology, have not been willing to look at the philosophical consequences of the science of quantum physics, which has proven that the consciousness of the scientist has a fundamental influence on the experiment itself. There must be a deeper reality, namely that consciousness is part of everything that happens on planet earth. And thus, it is not logical that the evolutionary process is guided only by chance, and the adaptation to the environment. For there must be a greater consciousness behind the evolutionary process.

This demonstrates to you, that scientific materialism is not – as it claims – a philosophy designed to set people free, by giving them a greater understanding of the reality of life than what was found in medieval Catholic doctrine. Nay, my beloved, scientific materialism is not aimed at setting people free from the illusions that keep them trapped in a lesser state of abundance, that keep them trapped in poverty. It is simply – as I explained yesterday – a philosophy created by the aspiring power elite, who want to take over the position of the established power elite based on the medieval Church.

The war between religion and science

Dogmatic religion in any form and scientific materialism are simply the outplaying of the age-old power struggle between two dualistic opposites. This is what you see very obviously in the Middle East—where you have groups of people that fight against each other and have been doing so for generations, but for outsiders it is very easy to see that they are fighting over nothing, for there is no real reason for them to be fighting other than the fact that they hate each other.

It should be possible for people in the West, who see this nonsense going on in the Middle East, to step back and look at their own society and see that the mechanism, the dualistic struggle that they see in the Middle East, is also present in their own western societies, only in a more subtle form that is not expressed in physical violence but is expressed in a form of mental and spiritual violence. Where they have two forces that are fighting, both claiming to be fighting to liberate the people in some ultimate way, whether it be through the Catholic doctrine of salvation or through the scientific doctrine of freeing people minds from the illusions of religion.

But in reality neither of those two systems will free the people’s minds to know the reality of what is going on on this planet. And therefore, none of the two systems, neither dogmatic religion nor scientific materialism, will educate people to the basic reality that I started this discourse explaining—namely that they are being used by forces beyond this planet, who are seeking to steal their light and energy by causing them to engage in the dualistic struggle.

And how do they do this? By causing them to engage in the dualistic consciousness, whereby they project a dualistic image into the cosmic mirror and therefore inevitably receive back from the cosmic mirror physical circumstances, where it seems as if there is another group of people or another belief system that is opposing their progress. And thus it seems as if – if they only fight those people or fight that belief system – then, that will solve all their problems and bring forth some greater state of abundance on this planet.

The people in the Middle East or in other areas of the world, really do believe that if they kill all of the members of the opposing group, paradise will come to earth. Well, there are people in the West who believe, that if only they can make their religion the only established religion, or if they can just eradicate all religion and make scientific materialism the only established belief system, well then they will solve all of humankind’s problems and bring paradise to earth.

What you have in the western societies is that you have many people who are truly very intelligent people, and very well-meaning people. And they truly believe that they are fighting for a good cause by fighting for this or that belief system, even political belief systems or economic philosophies. Yet they do not see, that they have simply been seduced into engaging in the dualistic struggle, and all of their well-meant efforts do nothing to actually free humankind to step up to a higher level. It only keeps humankind engaged in the dualistic struggle.

And thus, their efforts are simply reinforcing and continuing that struggle, serving to keep the people trapped in a state of poverty, that begins as a state of spiritual poverty. Because as long as people do not know who they are – as spiritual beings who are designed to be co-creators with God – well then, how can those people use their co-creative abilities to actively and personally co-create the abundant life on earth?


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