Are you loyal to Christ or an earthly institution?

Ascended Master Jesus, June 28, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

And thus, I desire those who are loyal to me to go beyond an outer loyalty to an outer religion, an outer belief system, even an outer image of Christ and see that I am part of the ascended masters, part of that River of Life. And thus, I came indeed to be the hierarch for one cycle in the ongoing unfoldment of God’s kingdom on earth. And thus, what I came to bring, my teachings, my example – even the entire 2,000-year cycle of Pisces – is simply one facet in the unfoldment, in the revealing of the shining diamond of God. And thus, Christianity was never meant to be an end in itself, to be the “end-all, be-all.” It was indeed, as we have said before in previous releases at this conference, meant to set the stage for the next step.

And thus, you will see that if people are truly loyal to me as the living, ascended Jesus Christ – and not to a dead, man-made image created by some self-serving institution, by people who are trapped in, actually, the consciousness of anti-christ – well, if you have that true loyalty to me, then you will look beyond these graven images of Christ, and you will realize the true purpose for which I came. Namely to set the foundation for raising humankind to the level of consciousness, that is needed for people to enter the Age of Aquarius, the consciousness of Aquarius. Which has the potential to bring into manifestation a Golden Age beyond what this planet has ever seen.

Even past Golden Ages will pale in comparison if the full potential for the Golden Age of Aquarius is allowed to manifest through those who will make themselves the open doors by walking the path that I demonstrated and outlined. And thus, I shall, temporarily, yield to my beloved brother, my beloved consort in spirit, Saint Germain, that you may see that we are individuals but we are One in our individuality. 


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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