An internal frame of reference

Ascended Master Archangel Michael, June 10, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

Do you see, my beloved, if you are not totally anchored in yourself, if you are not spiritually self-sufficient, then you do not have the frame of reference inside yourself in order to know what is real and unreal, in order to know that oneness is real. For if you do not experience oneness inside yourself, then you cannot fully know that oneness is the underlying reality. You may understand it intellectually but you do not “know” through gnosis, through oneness between the subject and object, between the knower and the known.

And then, when you do not have this firm inner frame of reference, your mind is open to an external frame of reference, that then makes you doubt yourself. And through that doubt, you then become open to the fallen consciousness, to the consciousness of separation and all of its lies and arguments and very subtle turning on its head every teaching you have been given before. Making you therefore doubt not only the teaching but first of all your own inner ability to know what is real and unreal by referring to something inside yourself.

You are pulled into focusing your attention on something outside of yourself, and then you think that external thing is or should be your absolute frame of reference for what is real and unreal. And that is how people are led into following a particular outer guru or a particular outer teaching, such as the Catholic Church.  And thus you see again, the Peter consciousness represents precisely this: the desire for an outer frame of reference, that you will not give up even though you are face-to-face with the Living Christ. Even though you walk and talk with the Living Christ in a form that you can see, as Peter did, you will not give up that external frame of reference, you will not let it die. You want the Christ to validate your frame of reference, to conform to it, to come into your mental box. This is what Peter attempted to do to Jesus, it is what the Catholic Church has attempted to do to Jesus, to God, to Reality ever since. This is what every other system on earth has attempted to do, including the communist system, that you are familiar with as students who have been affected by the Soviet Union in any way.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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