A new greeting for modern disciples

Ascended Master Jesus, May 28, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

So my beloved, ponder these concepts, and ponder the concept of the community of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit. For you truly have the greatest opportunity to manifest that community, given the teachings you have on overcoming the ego, and given the tools you have in the rosaries and invocations, and given the love you have in your hearts.

Thus, I ask you to contemplate that the first book I brought forth was, “The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.” Because that is what the world needs to overcome – the idolatry of Christianity – and have the concept that the Christ could possibly be born in every human being. But I tell you that many of you, who have followed the path for many years and who have diligently followed the teachings and used the tools, have gone beyond the point of the Christ being born in you. And now you have come to the point where you need to pass through the initiation that I passed through on the cross of letting that ghost, that final ghost, of the ego die. And therefore, allowing the Christ to rise. And thus, the Christ is not only born in you, the Christ is risen in you.

I ask you to contemplate this, and even create a little custom amongst yourselves. For the first followers of the Way of Christ, when they greeted each other, affirmed what was for them the miracle of the Christian dispensation, namely that I had risen from the dead. Think again about orthodox Christianity that focuses so much attention on my crucifixion and my death on the cross and the spilling of my blood that supposedly washed away humankind’s sins, that they forget that there was nothing special about being crucified 2,000 years ago. In fact, any thief or criminal could be crucified. But how many of them were resurrected afterwards?

What was so special about my life was not that I died on the cross, but that I rose from the dead and became the risen Christ. So when my early followers met each other, one person would say with joy and elation, “Christ is risen!” and the other person would answer back with the Omega return, “He is risen.” And thus, I ask you to take this to a higher level so that one person says, “Christ is risen in you!” and the other person says, “He is risen!” affirming that the Christ is risen in you. And you can play with this greeting, add onto it in your own creativity, affirming the Christ is risen in both of you.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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