A critical initiation on the path

Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 29, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

In most cases, you will not understand why it is the right step, my beloved! For there is a critical initiation that all of you must face on the spiritual path. It is the willingness to take a step in a certain direction without knowing what lies two steps ahead. You are willing to move one step forward, and then see where that takes you.

This is a critical initiation, that you will see embodied in the lives of most spiritual teachers, including the life of Jesus, the life of Saint Joseph, where I served as the physical father of Jesus, and the life of Mother Mary, who served that as the physical mother of Jesus. None of us had planned to give birth to a child with the Christ potential. But yet, when the spirit called us, we followed it.

And now you see the result of that, but you also need to see that we, when we were in physical embodiment, were not special. We were not different from you! You may look back, and you may think that Mother Mary and Joseph had some visitations from angels and some elaborate vision that you do not have, but it is not so, my beloved. 

We were in physical embodiment. Our vision was as limited as many of yours is. Therefore, we did not have a clear vision of what lay ahead. We did not know everything about Jesus and his mission and his potential. But we felt the calling of the Spirit, we moved with it and that is how we won our victory. That is how you will win your victory.

Not by knowing everything that will happen from this point on till the day you ascend. But by being willing to tune in to the Spirit, follow its directions, take that next step on your path. And then take the next and the next and the next, until you one day look back and say: “I could never in my outer mind have imagined what has happened in my life in the past five, ten or twenty years. I could never have imagined it. And if an angel had appeared to me and had told me what would happen, I would most likely have said, ‘Nay that is impossible, that could never be.'”

But now you see that because you were willing to take one step at a time, then it was possible. And now you have come so far beyond where you were five, ten or twenty years ago, and your life has taken on an entirely new dimension. And this, of course, is what you will see can happen, not only in your individual lives but also on a larger scale, in a nation or on the world scale. 


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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