9. The ego is a House Divided Against Itself

The ego is based on an inescapable contradiction, and therefore the ego will always be a house divided.

Everything is made from an interplay between two polarities, namely the expanding force of the Father and the contracting force of the Mother. Thus, in every aspect of life, there are two forces at work.

A sustainable creation can occur only when the expanding and contracting forces are held in balance. This is the high potential. 

The low potential is that one force becomes dominant, which inevitably leads to an imbalance. If the expanding force is too strong, everything will be exaggerated, and if the contracting force is too strong, everything will collapse upon itself.

What keeps the two forces balanced is the Christ mind, which is designed to ensure oneness between the two aspects of creation.

The Christ mind is designed to ensure oneness between Spirit and matter, which can happen only when matter outpictures the blueprint designed by Spirit.

You have a spiritual aspect of your total being, your I AM Presence. You also have a material aspect of your being, namely your four lower bodies. In order for you to fulfill your highest potential, you must have oneness between your spiritual self and your lower self.

What can ensure this oneness in your being is the Christ mind. The Christ mind will not do this as an external force that imposes oneness upon you. It will do it only when it becomes an internal force.

This will happen only when the Conscious You makes the decision to unite with the Christ mind, to become the Living Christ. The Conscious You must take full responsibility for your life and being, even for your salvation. It must be willing to make the critical decisions and seek balance in every situation.

Once you have the Christ mind, finding balance is not difficult, but in order to have that mind, the Conscious You must accept full responsibility, and that is often a major stumbling block for spiritual seekers. The ego is often successful in getting people to follow the outer path, the automatic path that does not require you to take full responsibility for making decisions.

After you became enveloped in the consciousness of duality, you made wrong decisions, until you came to the point where the Conscious You decided that it would no longer make decisions. You created the ego to make decisions for you.

Your decisions produced undesirable consequences because they were based on the duality consciousness. This caused you to take everything too far into one of the two extremes, and the result was suffering.

If your decisions are based on the clarity of the Christ mind, they will always lead to growth, and then there is no burden associated with making decisions.

When you decided to stop making decisions, you already had a momentum of making decisions based on the dualistic mind. You had created a computer program in your subconscious mind and this developed into the ego. 

The ego is more than a computer program in that it has a survival instinct and is thus an aggressive force in your being. Once you have given the ego control, it will rather die than give it up—because giving it up means that the ego will die.

When you look at life through the Christ mind, you see the expanding and contracting forces as complementary. When you look at life through the duality consciousness, you see the two basic forces as opposites.

To your ego, the two basic forces are seen as enemies that are out to oppose its control over your circumstances. Since the ego can never grasp the Christ mind, this is a fundamental problem that can never be solved at the level of the ego.

The ego can never balance the expanding and contracting forces. Thus, the ego’s decisions will always produce suffering. 

The ego will take you from one extreme to the other. This will not stop until the Conscious You takes back responsibility for making decisions and reaches for the Christ mind.

The Christ mind will not enter your being unless it is invited. Your ego will never invite the Christ mind. So the Christ mind can enter only when invited by the Conscious You.

The Conscious You cannot invite the Christ mind until it has taken full responsibility for your life by deciding that it is willing to take the decision-making power away from the ego.

The Christ mind will not enter as an external force that will fix your problems for you. The Christ mind can work in your life only when it becomes an internal force because the Conscious You is willing to become one with your own Higher Being.

To the ego there is no spiritual purpose for life; the purpose for life must be defined in the material world. The ego has defined any number of “life purposes.”

The real purpose of life is your growth in self-awareness. This growth comes from fulfilling your role as a co-creator with God.

You descended into the material universe in order to multiply your creative powers and take dominion over the earth, meaning the mastery of mind over matter. You will be fulfilled only when you fill this role—a role you chose before coming into embodiment.

You must start by taking dominion over your own being by establishing oneness between your spiritual self and your lower self.

You can then take dominion over the earth and exercise your creative powers by using the Christ mind to help other people rise above the duality consciousness.

The key is that the Conscious You decides to take up its role of being the Christ on earth by challenging the consciousness of anti-christ wherever it is encountered.

The key to fulfilling your divine plan is to bring the Christ mind into your life so that it can balance the two basic forces. Instead of perpetual tension between the two forces your life can become an upward spiral of greater freedom and fulfillment. 

The Christ is not somewhere between the two extremes but transcends both extremes because it is above and beyond the duality consciousness.

Some people do not make the decision to turn around until they experience an extreme form of crisis. Yet an outer crisis is not what turns your life around. The only thing that can turn your life around is an inner decision, namely that your Conscious You decides to start making decisions again.

The Conscious You can – at any moment – make the decision to turn around through an inner revelation instead of forcing itself to do so by precipitating an outer crisis.

The only thing that really prevents you from making the decision is the ego, which always seeks to make you believe that you cannot transcend your present sense of identity, your present level of consciousness.

The dream that you can escape making decisions is an illusion. The Conscious You can refuse to make decisions about what to do, but it cannot refuse to be conscious.

Even when you let the ego make decisions for you, you cannot escape experiencing the consequences of those decisions. You are forced to react to the consequences, meaning that the Conscious You must decide how it reacts to the decisions made by the ego.

The Conscious You can refuse to make decisions about what you do in life, but it can never escape making decisions about how you react to life. Why force yourself to respond to the consequences of decisions that you did not make.

The first stage of the spiritual path is the process of taking dominion over your self, over your lower being. The ego will seek to derail this process by making you follow the outer path.

In order to fulfill your mission on earth, the Conscious You must make two critical decisions. The first is that you are willing to take dominion over your lower self. The second is to expand your sense of self and take dominion over the All, meaning your environment on earth.

Many spiritual seekers have started to take dominion over self. However, many have not yet realized that it must lead to the death of the ego. They are still allowing their egos to run part of their lives, which is why they cannot make the second decision.

The only factor that can bring the earth back into balance is the Christ mind, but that Christ mind must be expressed through people in embodiment. If you really want to save the earth, you must become the Living Christ on earth.

In order to fulfill your highest potential of becoming the Living Christ on earth, you must bring balance between the higher and the lower parts of your own being.

It is possible to attain a high degree of self-control without actually becoming the Living Christ. Taking dominion over self is only one side of the coin, and your Christhood will not be complete until you are willing to take dominion over the earth.

As long as you are focused on your own growth, you are not the Living Christ. Christhood must be expressed before it becomes manifest.

Christhood is what establishes oneness between Spirit and matter, a oneness that can occur only when there is a figure-eight flow from Spirit to matter and back again.

Many spiritual seekers started the downward path when their conscious selves decided that they would no longer seek dominion over the earth. Seeking dominion over the earth is a far more difficult task than seeking dominion over self because the earth has become a planet dominated by the duality consciousness. Taking dominion seemingly means that you must  battle that duality consciousness.

One of the more dangerous blind alleys is that you feel you are actually doing something to save the earth, but your efforts are based on gray thinking. This causes you to think that you should never challenge the consciousness of anti-christ. 

Many spiritual people have formed a subconscious pact with the devil, saying, “If you leave me alone in my pursuit of spiritual growth, I will leave the earth to you.”

The earth is out of balance because it is dominated by the duality consciousness. The only thing that can save this planet is to bring it back into balance by challenging the duality consciousness. This challenge can come only through the Christ mind, and it can happen only when the most spiritually advanced people embody that Christ mind and stand up to challenge the representatives of anti-christ. 

It is a tragedy when these people are misled into refusing to make the decision to take dominion over the earth. And that is why the most critical stage on the spiritual path is the point where you make or don’t make that decision. This is the real meaning of “To be, or not to be!”

Many seekers have made progress out of a downward spiral, but this has brought them back to the point where they created the ego. 

The central challenge of the spiritual path is to undo the decision that created your ego. That decision is the decision not to fulfill your reason for being, namely to BE a co-creator and take dominion over the earth. 

You will have to face that decision. If you are to be free of the ego and make genuine progress, you must decide to accept your responsibility to take dominion. If you do not make that decision, all of your spiritual progress will come to a halt and you will inevitably start to create another downward spiral.

The key is to realize that although the Conscious You is designed to take dominion over the earth, it is not designed to do so by its own power or through its own wisdom. While the Conscious You must make decisions, it can base those decisions on the vision of the Christ mind.

The Conscious You actually has no power of its own; it is designed to direct power and it does so over its attention. When you place your attention on something, power flows through your four lower bodies over the bridge of your attention. Yet that power will be colored by your sense of identity.

The Conscious You has the ability to identify itself as anything it chooses, meaning you can try to take dominion by using the power of the human self or the power of the Christ self.

Seeking to act through the human self envelopes you in the dualistic power struggles fueled by the ego and the forces of anti-christ. It is because they tired of this dualistic struggle that many spiritual people decided they would no longer attempt to take dominion.

If you seek to take dominion with human power, it will be impossible, whereas if you seek it with God’s power, all things are possible. 

In order to have God’s power flowing through you, you need oneness between your spiritual self and your lower being. The key is that the Conscious You accepts its true identity as a co-creator with God who has the right to take dominion over the earth and subdue it according to the vision of the Christ mind.

The ego and the forces of anti-christ will do anything in their power to prevent you from reaching this sense of identity. They will do this by seeking to take you into one of the unbalanced extremes created by the ego.

The last thing they want is for you to BE the Christ. Will you decide to BE, or will you allow your ego and the forces of anti-christ to continue to manipulate you into deciding not to be?


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