The origin of personal dramas

A message from the ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (October 16, 2009)

My beloved, we have now come to another turning point in my series of discourses on the ego. Your reaction to the teachings I will give next will truly determine whether you will take a quantum leap toward Christhood or whether you will take another round in the endless drama created by the ego.

What have I described as the essential characteristic that separates true students of Christ from those who merely claim to be? It is your willingness to question your mental boxes. Now combine this with another fact that I describe throughout this website, namely that the path toward Christhood is an ongoing process with many levels.

My point being that until you ascend, you WILL indeed have a mental box, and thus your progress from any level will be determined by your willingness to question your mental box. My beloved, listen carefully now. As you rise on the spiritual path, the mental boxes become more subtle and thus more difficult to see. Many, many sincere spiritual seekers have allowed their egos, their piers or the false teachers to make them believe that they have reached a level at which they no longer have or need to question any mental boxes.

Yet, let me make an absolute statement. There is not now and never has been any being in embodiment on earth – no matter how advanced such a one might appear or claim to be – who has had no mental box left. If you truly have no mental box, it is NOT possible to remain in embodiment in the current density of this planet—you will inevitably be pulled up and lose your ability to hold on to the physical body.

My beloved, be willing to have the humbleness of a little child and realize that I – when I was hanging on the cross and one hairsbreadth away from winning my resurrection – still had to “give up the ghost” of the last remnants of my mental box. And as soon as I did indeed give it up, well I drew my last breath and left the physical body behind.

Yet, my beloved, had I not been willing to entertain the possibility that I could have a mental box, then what would have happened? I would NOT have won my resurrection! My body would still have died on the cross, but I would have re-embodied to outplay whatever drama I had not been willing to see and surrender.

So my beloved, if you think that you – or anyone you have exalted to a superior position – is able to stay in embodiment while having no mental box, then I must tell you that this is spiritual pride, and it WILL prevent you from hearing – truly hearing – what I will say in these coming discourses. Even if you are one decision away from qualifying for your ascension, you still have that last step to take, and what might it be? It is precisely that you give up the last mental box, the last illusion based on the consciousness of separation.

And if you are not willing to look at your mental box, you can indeed be one step away and still miss your ascension. This is, of course, perfectly in accord with the Law of Free will and your right to have any experience you want for as long as you want. And thus, I do not find any fault with this, I am simply pointing out that the more subtle dramas created by the ego are designed to trap you precisely by making you think you have no ego, no mental box, no drama to overcome.

As Einstein was inspired to say, “If you keep doing the same thing and expect different results, you are insane.” If you keep trying to overcome the duality consciousness without being willing to see its elements in your own mind, then you will remain stuck in that duality consciousness. The only question left is how far you are willing to go in order to justify staying in your mental box, before your conscious self finally sees the absurdity of it and becomes willing to do the one thing that can empower you to transcend the box, namely to look at the beam in your own eye instead of always looking at the splinter in the eyes of other people.

What you need to know about the universe

Why have I used so many words to set a foundation? Because what I will say in this – and especially in the next – discourse will indeed seem to contradict what many ascended master students and even many other religious people have come to believe. So if you are not willing to question your existing mental box, you will not be able to truly listen to what I will be saying. You will instead use your current mental box to argue why what I say cannot be true, and thus make yourself unteachable for a teacher with a higher expression of truth. And as you will see later, this is indeed one of the most subtle and dangerous mental boxes springing from the consciousness of separation.

In his book, Maitreya gives a detailed description of how the world of form is created [see a brief description here]. What you need to know is that the world of form was created as a series of spheres. Each sphere was created out of a certain type of energy, we might say a certain density or a certain frequency spectrum. When a sphere is created, it contains only energy of a certain base vibration, or we might say it has only a certain intensity of light.

The beings who created the sphere then send self-aware extensions of themselves into the sphere. These co-creators take on “bodies” made from the energies in the sphere, which in your case on earth is your physical body (in previous spheres they were made of energies with far less density). The co-creators then act on the command to “multiply and have dominion,” meaning they use the energies in their sphere combined with their creative talents and their ability to let light from a higher sphere flow through them. By thus multiplying the talents, they raise the intensity – the base vibration – of the sphere, until the intensity reaches a critical level.

At that point, the entire sphere is ready to ascend and become part of the ascended realm, what many people on earth would call heaven or the spiritual realm. And while this sounds very neat and simple, the actual process is, of course, far more complex. What makes it complex is that co-creators have free will. This means that while there is a blueprint, there is no pre-defined “destiny” for a given sphere. It is theoretically possible that a sphere could not increase in intensity, which means that the built-in safety mechanism (what your scientists call the second law of thermodynamics) will cause it to become increasingly dense, until it self-destructs and all structures are gone. Which means that there is no longer a platform for co-creators to embody.

So far, this has not happened to any sphere, and it is – quite frankly – extremely unlikely that a majority of the co-creators in a sphere would refuse to multiply the talents. Yet as new spheres were created from increasingly “dense” energies, there did come a point where a number of co-creators were not ready to ascend when their sphere ascended. Thus, these lifestreams could not ascend, and while they would then descend and embody in the next sphere, their non-ascension did leave empty spaces in the matrix or mandala of their sphere. Thus, one could say that they were “lost” to the ascended sphere.

This is, of course, perfectly within the Law of Free Will, as the Creator gave complete freedom to self-aware beings, meaning that they also have the option to go against the upward pull of their sphere. The simple explanation is that the Creator does not want any being to be forced to rise in self-awareness. Within certain wide boundaries, a being has complete freedom to have any experience it wants for as long as it wants. And what I am telling you here is that the opportunity of a self-aware being to experience can indeed go beyond the time it takes for its original sphere to ascend. If not, the concept of a “fall” would not be possible.

Let us now look at how it is possible for a self-aware being NOT to ascend with its original sphere.

The origin of roles

To explain how a sphere progresses toward the ascension point, let me give you an illustration based on what you know from earth. It will not be completely universal because earth is in a lower sphere than previous ones, but the principle will apply. As an example, let us look at Europe and let us go back to the stone age. What has been happening in Europe is that there exists an etheric blueprint for how Europe can evolve from the stone age level toward a Golden Age civilization.

Over time, many of the people embodying in Europe have tuned in to this blueprint and have brought society forward in a variety of ways. Some have done this with greater self-awareness and have had a clearer vision of the end goal, although no one has had the full vision. Others have had less self-awareness but have still made a positive contribution. Even a peasant or factory worker can be making a positive contribution to the overall progress of society.

As society has progressed, it has gone through many phases, but gradually it has moved toward a greater and greater collective awareness and a greater awareness of the potential to reach an end goal. What we now need to add is that the people who embody in Europe today have done so for many lifetimes. This means that over time they have had the opportunity to embody in many different circumstances and have many different experiences by having different positions in society. We might compare this to a theater production in which the actors rotate, so that each actor over time plays every role in the play. Naturally, this will increase the actors’ awareness and appreciation for the overall vision of the play.

So what we see is that as individual co-creators rise in self-awareness, they grasp more and more of the overall vision, which means that at the conscious level, a common vision and goal begins to emerge. People no longer see themselves as disconnected individuals, but they see themselves as part of something larger, and this gives them a deeper sense of meaning, purpose and fulfillment.

We might say that the lifestreams involved with the process move from a separate or localized awareness towards a global awareness. In the beginning, they only work for individual goals, but over time they have enough of playing such roles. Thus, they gradually begin to play the roles that more directly work toward the common goal, and they find greater satisfaction in working with others on an overall vision. They move from being apart from the whole toward voluntarily and with full awareness becoming a part of the whole.

Do you see the underlying process? The entire purpose of the world of form is the growth in self-awareness of individual lifestreams. A lifestream must start somewhere, so it starts out with a very localized sense of self-awareness, for example as a human being on earth who is only concerned about itself and its own desires, needs and wants. For a new lifestream, this is not selfish or egotistical, it is simply a natural way to start the process, and as long as the lifestream gradually grows toward an expanded self-awareness – goes from a localized to global awareness – there is nothing wrong with this and it contributes to the growth of the whole.

So what we see is that when a new lifestream starts its journey in the world of form, it has a very localized self-awareness. This is comparable in some way to a newborn baby who does not have enough awareness to choose what it wants to be when it grows up. In other words, a new co-creator does not have enough self-awareness to define how it wants to express itself in the sphere in which it has been created. It needs some experience before it can decide this consciously, and in order to give it such experience, it is placed in an environment where there is a number of predefined roles.

Compare this to an unexperienced actor who could not walk right into the theater and play Hamlet. So he starts out playing an unnamed part and gradually takes on more complex roles as his experience with the theater and his self-awareness grows. He might even increase both until he is able to write his own plays and define his own roles.

Do you begin to grasp the underlying point? The Creator is One—it has an indivisible self-awareness. Yet out of its own Being, the Creator creates self-aware extensions who do not have the global or universal self-awareness. They start out with a highly localized self-awareness but have the potential to expand it, until it becomes as global or universal as that of their source. How can this happen? The co-creator must continually expand its self-awareness by seeing itself as part of something greater than its sense of self.

As its vision of that “something greater” expands, it begins to grasp that it is part of the Creator’s Being, eventually becoming one with the totality of the Creator’s Being and thus being able to now BE a self-aware Creator. Yet this process can be completed ONLY by moving from a localized self-awareness toward a global self-awareness. There is NO OTHER WAY. Only by becoming one with your Creator can you reach the ultimate level of self-awareness. You CANNOT reach this with a localized self-awareness, with a self-awareness as being apart from the whole—no matter how complex or seemingly sophisticated that separate self becomes.

So it is quite possible that, as an ideal scenario, an entire sphere – even larger than the material universe – can progress toward the ascension point with all co-creators playing progressively more complex roles, until their self-awareness is expanded to the point where they can ascend when the sphere itself ascends. Let us now look at a less than ideal scenario.

The origin of dramas

Now, the Creator is One Being and is indivisible. It is NOT possible for the Creator to create something that is separate from itself. As it creates a self-aware being with localized awareness, it creates a being who can think it is less than or apart from the whole. This being has only limited co-creative abilities. Yet by expanding its localized sense of self, it will gain greater co-creative abilities, and when it reaches the self-awareness of the Creator, it attains unlimited creative abilities.

The reason for this is that it is possible for a being with localized awareness to use its co-creative abilities without considering the impact it has on the whole. Its abilities are limited, so that its potential to destroy is limited. As it becomes more aware of the whole, its co-creative abilities are expanded because now it is less likely to use them in destructive ways.

The point here is simple. When a sphere is created, it is inhabited by new co-creators who see themselves as separate from each other and from the forms in their sphere (such as human beings seeing themselves separate from each other and from the planet upon which they live). Yet this is only a perspective created in the minds of co-creators. In reality, a sphere is a unit, an interconnected whole.

The entire material universe is a unit, and as co-creators multiply their talents, they will increase the light intensity, which will create an upward momentum. This can be compared to a force of gravity that pulls on EVERYTHING in the unit. Compare this to the earth, where everything on earth is pulled toward the gravitational center and held in place, so that it can move with the whole as the earth hurtles through space at incredible speed.

This upward momentum can be called the River of Life or, in Christian terminology, the Holy Spirit. It is created as co-creators transcend their original, localized self-awareness and begin to see themselves as part of a greater whole. So we might say that the Holy Spirit is the awareness or vision of an underlying whole that ties all life together into a unit. As the collective vision of what that greater whole is expands, the gravitational force of the Holy Spirit increases.

The effect of this is that it now becomes easier for co-creators to expand their self-awareness and see themselves as part of a greater whole. Those who voluntarily and consciously choose to participate in this common process experience and increased sense of purpose, meaning and fulfillment, a sense of fulfillment far greater than what can be achieved as a localized individual who sees itself as being apart from the whole.

We now need to recognize a very important aspect of the growth process, again described in far more detail in Maitreya’s book. As I have said, a co-creator starts out by playing a predefined role in a larger unit, such as a civilization on earth. This is much like small children who play “house” in order to practice the roles they take on as adults. As a co-creator plays a variety of roles, two things happen. It gains greater experience with how its sphere works, and it increases its self-awareness.

This leads toward a point, where the co-creator no longer fully identifies itself with or as the role it is currently playing. A new co-creator is fully identified with its role, as you see some people on earth who are completely identified with their physical bodies. As it matures, the co-creator begins to realize it is more than its current role. Eventually it begins to realize that it is more than any predefined role in its current environment.

What exactly does this mean? It means that the co-creator is now ready to take a crucial step on the path toward God realization, namely to begin to define its own role instead of simply taking on a role defined by its spiritual teachers.

Yet what is the crucial thing that needs to happen in the mind of the co-creator before it can take this step? It is that the co-creator MUST make the decision to accept full responsibility for itself, for its own growth, for what on earth might be called its own “salvation.” You see, so far the co-creator has not had to accept this responsibility because it was playing a predefined role. Compare this to an actor who goes on stage with a certain costume and has a predefined script that tells him what to say. Now imagine an actor is told he has to go on stage and select his own costume and with no predefined script decide what to say. You will see that this can give rise to a new level of performance anxiety.

In all previous spheres, the vast majority of co-creators went through this transition with only minimal difficulty. But starting in the fourth sphere, a relatively small number of co-creators became so concerned about the potential for making mistakes that they refused to take full responsibility and define their own roles. So what happened? Well, they attempted to go back and play one of the predefined roles. The problem was that their self-awareness had already gone beyond the level where they could identify fully with the role. So in order to deal with this, they had to turn away from their spiritual teacher, and in order to do that, they had to come up with some form of justification.

There are various explicit forms of justification, but the underlying mentality was that they felt forced by the teacher to take the next step and that they rebelled against having to do this. What actually happened was that the co-creator – who was asked to define its own role as part of the whole – refused to do this and instead defined its own role as being apart from the whole. In other words, the co-creator still defined its own role, only it defined it in a way that cut it off from its teacher and limited its self-awareness.

When you define a role for yourself as part of the whole, playing that role will only raise your self-awareness and it will raise the whole. Yet in order to define a role as being apart from the whole, you have to make the decision to stop your growth in self-awareness—and this decision must be justified. How can a self-aware being justify the decision to stop its growth in self-awareness (which is its reason for being)? Only by accepting the belief that it is a victim of something, namely that the whole is seeking to force it rather than seeking to help it grow.

This belief cannot come from the co-creator itself, meaning from the conscious self. It can come only from a “self” based on the illusion of separation, and this new self is what becomes the ego. The ego was born out of the conscious self’s refusal to take responsibility for defining its own role. The conscious self is still defining its own role, but because it is denying this, it now believes that it has NOT defined its role but that this role has been forced upon it from without. In other words, we might say that the conscious self has still created its own role, but it has NOT taken responsibility for doing so.

What is the crucial difference? It is that if the conscious self had followed the teacher’s call, it would have defined a role AND it would have been aware that this was only a role. Thus, by learning from playing the role, it could at any time change or expand the role, until it eventually transcended the role. When the conscious self defines a role without taking responsibility, it thinks the role was forced upon it. Thus, it comes to identify itself with and as the role, thinking it cannot expand it or rewrite the script. It feels stuck in the role instead of seeing it as merely a learning experience. Thus, it resists learning from the role, which means it cannot come to the point where it can transcend the role.

Do you see the problem here? The spiritual teacher has uncompromising respect for free will. Thus, when the student decides to define a role based on separation, the teacher cannot pursue or force the student to accept his help. The teacher must withdraw and this is what makes the student feel it has been cast out of the Garden of Eden and that there are angels with flaming swords preventing it from coming back in. In reality, it is only the student’s unwillingness to take full responsibility for itself that prevents it from coming back to the circle of the teacher’s guidance.

Now, again we have a subtle point. Refusing to take full responsibility for defining its own roles is completely within the Law of Free Will. An individual co-creator has the right to do this. However, what an individual cannot do is to set itself apart from the whole in which it lives. A person on earth may rebel against the force of gravity but will still be moving through space along with the earth. In other words, an individual co-creator can decide that it wants to stop its own growth, but it cannot ask others to do the same. An individual can stand still but cannot expect or demand that the billions upon billions of other co-creators in its entire sphere should stand still.

And because the individual is still part of the whole, as the other co-creators expand their self-awareness, they create a stronger momentum of the Holy Spirit, which will pull on the individual who stands still. My beloved, please pay careful attention to this point. The gravitational pull of the collective momentum of the Holy Spirit creates a pull on the individual, which means it becomes a struggle to uphold and justify the individual’s role as being apart from the whole and the process of growth. THIS TENSION BETWEEN THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE WHOLE IS WHAT CREATES A DRAMA IN THE MIND OF THE INDIVIDUAL!

The drama is created because as the Holy Spirit increases, it becomes increasingly difficult for the individual to justify setting itself apart, meaning that the ego of the individual must take stronger and stronger measures in order to justify staying apart from the whole. These measures are what gives rise to a series of dramas that are aimed at justifying the individual’s separateness by actually causing other individuals to slow down THEIR growth in awareness.

Do you see the crucial point? I am talking about a role – predefined or self-defined – in which you see yourself as part of the whole. And I am talking about a drama in which you see yourself as apart from the whole. The role has no tension between you and others because no matter how you play it, it contributes to your own growth and to the growth of the whole—it adds to the momentum of the Holy Spirit in your unit. Yet the drama has a built-in, inescapable tension between you and others.

In order to justify your position, you must seek to get others to validate your position, and that means causing them to limit their own growth in self-awareness by getting them to likewise take on a drama instead of a role. So when you are in a drama, you are in constant conflict between yourself and other people, even your physical environment. You are, in a sense, seeking to draw the rest of the universe into your drama and make it fit into the mental box defined by the drama.

Dramas and free will

A role is like the normal process of cell-division that leads one cell to grow into a complete human body. A drama is like a cancer that causes cells to self-destruct and then spreads to other cells until the whole body dies. And this is the essential difference between roles and dramas. When you are playing a role, you do not feel threatened by anything, and you can live and let live. When you are playing a drama, you constantly feel threatened, and this inevitably leads you into having to seek to control other people and your environment. This is also what makes you vulnerable to being pulled into the epic dramas, as we shall see in the next discourse.

In order to fully understand personal dramas, you need to fully understand free will, and this, or course, is the problem. You see, those who develop a drama do so precisely because they will not understand and accept how free will works. And that is why – once they have stepped into a drama – they will think it was forced upon them and thus they must deny their ability to get out of it by their own power and choosing.

So what is the essence of free will? Well, many people think that if they truly have free will, it means that they can do anything they want, with no restrictions. This view is perfectly correct. You DO have free will, and God has put no restrictions whatsoever on what you can do inside the energy environment in which you live. In the sandbox of the material universe, you can do anything you want, for nothing you do will hurt the sand.

However, while this view of free will is correct, it is not the complete understanding of free will. You see, the world of form is a learning environment. How do you learn? By using your free will to express your co-creative abilities and THEN EXPERIENCING THE RESULT OF YOUR CHOICE!

Do you see the essential point here? If your choice has no consequence – if there is no feed-back mechanism to signal the difference between choosing one option over a million other options – then how can you learn and grow? In fact, if you make a choice and there is no feed-back, you have not actually made a choice.

So what is the feed-back mechanism built into the world of form? It is that while you have free will, you WILL experience the consequences of your choices. One way of describing this is to say that the universe is a mirror. The Ma-ter light will outpicture physical circumstances that are a reflection of the beliefs, images and feelings you hold in your mind. You will project the images from your mental box upon the Ma-ter light which will take on the corresponding form.

In other words, while you do have free will, you also have full and complete responsibility for the choices you make! Why is this so important? Because when you accept full responsibility for yourself, you know that if a choice gives you unwanted feed-back, you can simply learn from it and make a better choice that will inevitably improve the feed-back! You are thus empowered and will never feel like a victim, for you realize that with God within you, you have the power to change or transcend any circumstance.

However, once you accept a drama, you refuse to take responsibility, and this means you no longer believe you have the power to change any circumstance. You believe you are a victim of forces beyond your control, but what is causing this? Only your refusal to take full responsibility for yourself!!!

This now leads to a further necessity, namely that those who will not take full responsibility for themselves, MUST rebel against or deny free will. If you do not take full responsibility for yourself, you do not believe you have truly free will – including the power to change any circumstance – which also means you do not fully respect the free will of others. Thus, you will fall prey to the serpentine lie that the ends can justify the means, which means you will seek to control others instead of taking dominion over your sphere of self. You will seek to control others in order to validate the ego’s claim that you do not have to change and take responsibility for yourself.

Furthermore, you do not respect your one free will, meaning you become open to following an external authority who will tell you what to believe and how to live—you become prone to being a blind follower of the blind leaders. Meaning you follow a false teacher rather than the true teacher that you turned your back upon when you refused to take responsibility for yourself. The blind leaders are, of course, those with epic dramas, as we will discuss in the coming discourse.

Do you now see what is the essence of a drama? It is created to justify why a being does not take full responsibility for itself. Thus, it cannot be seen as merely a drama that is based on unreality and that you can walk away from—like a play in a theater. No, it must be defended, justified and validated as being based on absolute reality – as being the way life really is – and having a power over you that you cannot overcome by your own power—thus you need an external savior.

Any drama is created from duality, meaning it has two opposites that can only be in conflict. So conflict is built into the drama, which for the personal drama means conflict with other people or your physical environment.This means that people who live in a drama are constantly resisting the River of Life or the Holy Spirit. They are resisting the upward momentum of their entire sphere, which no individual and no group (at least not any minority group) has the power to do.

This built-in resistance inevitably leads to suffering, which causes people to take themselves too seriously. And once you take yourself and your drama too seriously, it becomes a vicious circle that prevents you from returning to the River of Life through the playfulness of a little child. You simply cannot fathom or accept that you can just walk away from the drama. You think the drama must be brought to its self-defined conclusion and that the only way is to apply enough force to overcome the opposition to the drama’s conclusion.

Yet because the opposition is created by the drama itself – your resistance to life – no amount of force available to you in the consciousness of the drama can overcome the opposition also created by the drama. Do you see what I am saying here? Take the scientifically proven law of action and reaction. For every action there is an equal reaction, meaning it has the same force but the opposite direction. This law states that there is no decisive force, for no action can possibly be bigger than its self-generated reaction.

That is why I said that with men this is impossible, meaning that with the consciousness of a drama, it is not possible to generate a force that propels you out of the drama. ONLY by reaching for the power of God from within yourself can you generate a force that helps you transcend the drama. However, you can do this ONLY when you let go of the drama, when you are willing to lose your “life” for my sake. Only then will there be a decisive force.

As I said, a personal drama will make you vulnerable to being pulled into an epic drama, and the epic drama is far greater than any individual, meaning that it is far more difficult for an individual to escape the maelstrom of the epic dramas. Obviously, it can be done, but only when you begin to see the fallacy, the vanity and the unreality of the epic dramas. So in my next discourse, I will explain the origin of the epic dramas, so that you can become wise as the serpents and thus have the option to choose to be harmless as a dove. An option you do not have while trapped inside the mental box of an epic and a personal drama.

On mental boxes

As my final thought, let me return to the concept of a mental box. When a new co-creator is created, it has a very localized perspective on the world and on itself. This perspective inevitably forms a mental box. When a new co-creator takes on a predefined role, the being’s mental box will be affected by the role. Yet as it transcends the role, it transcends the mental box of the role but may carry certain elements with it that it has incorporated into its personal mental box. This is not necessarily wrong, as the role is defined to facilitate the growth of the co-creator and thus contains timeless elements.

As long as a co-creator sees itself as part of a larger whole and is striving to expand its self-awareness, the mental box is not really a problem, as it is constantly being expanded. As long as you constantly expand your mental box, any mental box can eventually be expanded to the ascended state. In other words, a mental box simply gives the co-creator a foundation for functioning in the world while expanding its sense of self.

The problem comes in when a co-creator decides NOT to take full responsibility and thus creates a role as being apart from the whole. This roles obviously necessitates the creation of another mental box, but this box is created by the ego and the ego is fully identified with it. So to the ego, the defense of the mental box is a matter of life and death.

Do you see the crucial difference? As long as a being has no drama, the being is not fully identified with its mental box. It has no need to hold on to an old mental box because it is constantly experiencing that expanding the box leads to a greater sense of self and a richer life. So in this state, the conscious self is not fully identified with the box and eventually comes to realize it is more than any mental box on earth. The box is a means to an end, not an end in itself. This is what I meant when I said that unless you become as a little child – eager to expand its mental box – you cannot enter the kingdom.

When a being creates a personal drama, the conscious self retreats into a cave and now lets the ego take over its interactions with the world. The ego is indeed fully identified with the mental box as it would have no life without it. Thus, the ego will defend your mental box to the death, even to the death of your physical body as proven by many people on earth.

The ego will even defend your mental box until you face the second death, and there is only one way out. Your conscious self – YOU – must take back full responsibility for your life and stop identifying with the mental box created by the ego and the false teachers. The catch-22 is that a mental box based on duality makes it difficult for you to even hear let alone accept, this truth. The mental box of the ego has layers of built-in defenses designed to prevent you from taking back full responsibility for your life.

Thus, after spending many lifetimes in the ego’s mental box, it can truly be very difficult for students to come to see the beam in their own eyes, for it is oh so easy to accept the arguments presented by the ego and the false teachers. Just look at how many used their mental boxes to reject me 2,000 years ago. Nevertheless, we who are the true teachers of humankind are not deterred. We continue to release our core message in many different versions, knowing that for each time, some will understand. Thus, in the coming discourses, I will indeed continue to expose the dramas, so that you have the best possible opportunity for seeing how your own life is affected by this very subtle mechanism. May you be willing to lose the pseudo life of your mental box in order to follow me into the LIFE of the Christ consciousness, where there are no dramas but only the purity of the innocent. May you be one of the meek who shall inherit the earth.





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