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Mainstream Christianity is based on a complete misinterpretation of Jesus true message. This is explained throughout this website, but this section focuses on the more aggressive aspects of this perversion. This includes explaining how a small power elite has used Christianity as a tool for controlling the general population.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Why Christianity denies oneness

  • You have been brought up in a world that does everything conceivable to prevent you from accepting your oneness with your God.
  • The Christian culture and religion denies the Presence of the Living Christ within you.
  • All of the problems and imperfections that you currently see in your personal life and on planet earth spring from this point of division, the point of separation from the One God.

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Woe unto the false pastors

  • Many Christian preachers have denied Jesus’ Living Presence within themselves and within the flocks that sit in their pulpits, being the blind followers of the blind leaders.
  • Choose the life of Christ, which is the only source of life there is.
  • “The kingdom of God is within you.” If you want to find the kingdom of God, why would you look in a Christian Church?

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Christianity is a religion of Being

  • Jesus’ disciples were called “The Followers of The Way.”
  • No one comes to the Father save by going through the Christ consciousness.
  • The kingdom of God is within you, and it will not suddenly drop from the sky, as many Christians believe.
  • The total defense is total transparency because the prince of this world comes and has nothing in you.

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Stop believing in the orthodox lie

  • The lie that Jesus is the only Son of God is the most atrocious lie perpetrated upon humanity over the past 2,000 years.
  • All have a Christ potential.
  • The second coming of Christ is that we accept our Christhood.

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Christianity promotes a message that is anti-christ

  • The false teachers in this world managed to turn Christianity upside down.
  • Mainstream Christian churches today are teaching a doctrine that is entirely anti-christ.
  • All of us are meant to be part of the new movement that is directed and designed to give Christianity a rebirth in this age.

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Associating Christ with bloodshed

  • Accept Jesus’ Presence with you, instead of affirming the idol of Christ as the remote being in the sky, or as the one hanging up there on the cross at the end of the Church.
  • Those who wanted to distort the true message of Christ put the crucified Christ up on a cross in most Christian churches.
  • The purpose was to give people an image of Christ as the one bleeding and suffering on the cross, so that people would not identify with him.
  • This was a deliberate ploy to make the image of Christ associated with bloodshed and suffering.

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The false God in heaven

  • Jesus, did not come to awaken humankind to the Lord God on High who is omnipotent. 
  • Jesus came to awaken us to the God within.
  • God wants to be expressed through us in a spontaneous, creative flow.

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The Eastern Orthodox Church

  • The Eastern Orthodox Church was indeed one of the primary factors that limited the people before Soviet times.
  • The church gave to the people the sense that they could not transcend their conditions in this world.
  • Christianity has been used as an effective tool by the power elite to suppress the people.
  • Even today the Church and the power elite form an alliance that suppresses the people very effectively.

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You can never be free through an external authority

  • You are the one who has free will in your being.
  • Only those who have the Christ vision – and therefore see the oneness of all life – can be the open doors for setting people free.
  • The Eastern or Russian Orthodox churches do not represent the consciousness of setting the people free from any external or earthly authority.

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The difference between spirituality and religion

  • Religion separates people from their God.
  • Religion is not of God, is not coming from God, is not coming from the spiritual realm.
  • Mysticism is different from religion, in that it does not seek to separate you from your God, from a direct, inner experience of a higher state of consciousness.
  • Religion is based on the very subtle concept that there is a gap between spirit and matter.
  • Both Jesus and the Buddha were opposed by the established religions of their day.

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How Christianity, materialism and agnosticism control people

  • In the western world the primary means for controlling what people knew and believed was the Christian religion, specifically the CatholicChurch.
  • The CatholicChurch was one of the most effective and successful mind control machines created on this planet.
  • For a very long time, the false hierarchy on this planet were able to use the CatholicChurch and the Christian religion in order to control people.
  • Mainstream Christianity was a man-made religion that took a set of man-made doctrines and elevated them to an absolute truth.

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