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There are many beliefs that are taken for granted my most Christians and therefore never examined. In this section you will find a critical examination of common beliefs concerning blood sacrifices, sin, salvation scripture and other topics.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Being gathered in the name of Jesus

  • Coming together in Jesus’ name is not a matter of being in the same building.
  • You must accept Jesus’ offering in the form of your Christ self.
  • The mystery of Christ that has been overlooked by orthodox Christianity for over 17 centuries.
  • God has sent many sons and daughters into this world, so that through them the world might be saved.

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God does not require blood sacrifices

  • Most religions on this planet – at least in their mainstream versions – present the broad way that leads to destruction.
  • Many people think they can be saved without overcoming their egos.
  • It is a fallacy that Jesus’ death on the cross was the ultimate sacrifice, and the ultimate payment for humankind’s sins.
  • For many Christians their hearts have become closed to the higher truth of God, the Living Truth of Christ.

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The master key to overcoming sin

  • When you forsake the sin, the rejection of the Holy Ghost, then you immediately become one with the Holy Spirit. 
  • Your sin is forgiven because you are no more the same person that sinned.
  • You are who you think you are—until you think you are MORE.
  • The key to overcoming sin is to shift your identity.

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Understanding how salvation works

  • There is a screen door in front of the entrance to heaven.
  • Any elements of duality in your consciousness cannot pass through the screen and thus you cannot enter until you give them up.
  • Your conscious self does not have any substance as such, and therefore your conscious self can pass through the screen door.

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Any scripture is outdated before it can be written down

  • Jesus transcended himself many times before the early gospel writers decided to put pen to paper and write down the story of his life.
  • Christian leaders ave attempted to turn the living Christ into a graven image, and they have been successful in swaying many people to worship this image. 
  • How long will people be satisfied with this man-made image of Christ before they want the real thing?

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Guilt has no constructive purpose

  • When you have given up the consciousness that caused you to do whatever you did in the past, there is no point in feeling guilty about it.
  • There is no constructive purpose for guilt whatsoever. It is a lower vibration, a vibration of anti-love.

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Few Christians see Jesus as the source of joy

  • Few people associate Jesus with joy, instead being focused on his suffering on the cross.
  • Ask the living Christ to expose to you the beam in your own eye, that stops you from seeing the illusions that make up your mental box.
  • Ponder this: The kingdom of God is within you. The kingdom of God is at hand. I am with you always.

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There is no holy place on earth

  • No place on earth is truly holy. This includes Rome or Jerusalem.
  • You alone are responsible for finding the kingdom of God within YOU.
  • You have elevated some condition in this world to have power over your Spirit.

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The lie of the reality of matter

  • The role of a Christed being is to shock people out of their current sense of equilibrium.
  • It is a lie that there is anything in the matter world that has continuity, that has permanence.
  • What you think has permanence is simply images projected onto the screen of the Ma-ter light. 
  • It is a satanic lie that these images are not projections but are actual things that have a continued existence independently of Spirit.
  • Question the illusion of matter.

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The dream of an everlasting kingdom on earth

  • There has always been a certain group of people who have had this desire to set themselves up as the leaders of a kingdom or other kind of state that will endure forever.
  • They want the people to slave in order to build monuments to themselves.

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The lie that you need an intermediary between you and Christ

  • Earth is only a temporary schoolroom, and it is the lifestreams who lock in to the Mind of Christ that will endure forever and ever.
  • The elite has created the image that Christ is remote from the people and thus the people need an intermediary to access Christ.
  • The elite becomes the false intermediary between the people and Christ.

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Christ is not confined to anything in this world

  • Jesus came to teach that nothing in this world can confine Christ.
  • Many Christians are upholding the image that Christ is so remote that you need the physical intercession of a Church and a priesthood.

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The one condition that determines your salvation

  • As long as you look for the kingdom outside yourself, you cannot enter.
  • The one condition that determines whether you can enter or not, is whether you have put on the Christ consciousness.
  • The only key to entering the kingdom is the transformation of consciousness.
  • Obedience to an outer Church cannot guarantee your entry into heaven.

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