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The path of Christhood is more conscious and goal-directed than the spiritual path in general. Because this path has never been taught by mainstream Christianity, many of today’s spiritual people have no awareness that Jesus taught a gradual path to a higher state of consciousness.

This section contains articles about what it means to walk the path and how you can attain Christhood. This includes how the forces of anti-christ have attempted to prevent the spiritual people from even knowing about the path. The articles also talk about the difference between Christhood, which is the path of oneness, and the false path designed to make you think the separate self can be saved.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


No stopping on the path

  • There is a danger in becoming comfortable on the spiritual path.
  • Only when you give your all to Jesus can he give his all to you.

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Take back the power of vision

  • Behind all appearances is the Ma-ter light.
  • Do not accept imperfect appearances as permanent or real.
  • You are alive because you are constantly receiving a stream of spiritual light that flows from your I AM Presence through your mind and is directed by the power of your attention.
  • Consciously take back the power of your attention and vision.
  • How Jesus performed healing.
  • See your life as a game in which you are constantly confronted with imperfect appearances and tempted to accept them as real or permanent. 
  • Attune to your Christ self and ask him to give you the perfect vision of Christ to replace the imperfect appearance.

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Receiving the kingdom without dying

  • God wants to give you the kingdom right here on earth.
  • God wants to turn planet earth into his kingdom, where there is no darkness.
  • People have been fooled into believing that it is not possible to have God’s kingdom on earth and that God’s kingdom can only exist in heaven.
  • It is a lie that Jesus had to die on the cross and thus it was only after his death that he was resurrected, and likewise only after your death will you inherit the kingdom of God.
  • There is only one place to inherit the kingdom of heaven and that is right here.

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The path of Christhood is all about oneness

  • Many people have not truly understood the essential key of oneness.
  • All manifestations in the material universe are made from the Ma-ter light.
  • Any imperfection is made from the Mother Light, and that Mother Light can outpicture the perfection of God instead of the current imperfection.
  • Being an alchemist.

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The WORD wants to set everyone free 

  • You do not need to judge yourself or judge the world through the outer mind.
  • When you get inner attunement, then you will know when to speak and when not to speak.
  • The Living Word is not the hellfire and brimstone of the Christian preachers.
  • You are the one who keeps yourself outside the kingdom by the way you look at the world, because that is the way you look at yourself.

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You are crucified in matter

  • Many of the statements made by Jesus were not made by a particular individual being embodied at a particular time in time and space.
  • The Christ has been crucified in matter by allowing people to project whatever images upon it so that they could be out-pictured by the Ma-ter light as physical form.
  • Jesus came to demonstrate that even though the Christ will allow itself to be crucified, you cannot limit or confine the Christ.
  • When people nail Christ to the cross, they are nailing themselves to the cross.

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Completing the circle of initiation

  • At the lower stages of the path, your ego is involved in motivating you.
  • In order to rise higher on the spiritual path, you have to start descending.
  • You give service to life by demonstrating that there is an alternative to the state of consciousness in which most people are trapped.

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Becoming a new being in Christ

  • You can be too eager to look for faults in yourself.
  • When you are reborn, you become a new person, a new being in Christ.
  • But you must give up your old identity.
  • Jesus passed several initiations where he had to accept a higher identity.

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Do you want to have the last word?

  • How do you want to live the rest of this embodiment?
  • Will you continue to play the games of this world?
  • Give up the game of seeking to get the last word by proving yourself right, by proving another human being wrong.
  • Some people even judge Jesus and his words.

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The structures in your mind

  • Only the ego envisions some ultimate gift of the Spirit, some ultimate event that will awaken everyone.
  • The Spirit works, not in an outer, demonstrative way, but in so many subtle ways. 
  • Allow this flow to happen by letting go of your rituals.
  • In this Aquarian age, Christ cannot be expressed, unless there is balance between masculine and feminine.

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The delicate balancing act of the ascended masters

  • When the masters are dealing with students who are affected by the duality consciousness they are facing a very complex situation.
  • They need to give an explanation, that is adapted to people’s current level of consciousness and to the dualistic illusions that they are not yet willing to question.
  • In many spiritual movements, you find students who are still seeking to hide the fact that they do not have true self-esteem.
  • They are seeking to hide the very conditions that allow them to feel that they have this false self-esteem.
  • The very things that you are not willing to look at, will prevent you from seeing the deeper reality behind the outer words.

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The value of a guru

  • Christ discernment does not come from having a guru tell you what is real and unreal.
  • You do not become the Christ by blindly following a guru.

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Setting the stage for discouragement

  • When people expect outer events, good or bad, they set themselves up to be disappointed.
  • This causes many to doubt the path.

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A reality check of how spiritual growth happens

  • You need to realize that your approach was not the highest possible and therefore you need to step up to a higher approach where you seek balance first of all.
  • You have all been given a completely false image of what happened to Jesus, the Buddha and other spiritual teachers.
  • The masters only made it because they kept going, not letting anything from this world stop their progress.
  • There is a Middle Way for each person. You must come to the point where you say: “I have had enough of going from this extreme to that extreme, now it is time for me to discover balance.”
  • You are the ultimate guru in the sense that there must come a point where you are willing to look at yourself and then tune in to your own higher self and to the ascended gurus who will give you directions from within.

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Experience the Joy of Christ

  • All of us of the ascended masters are joyful.
  • Many Christians cannot feel the joy of Christ for they focus so much on the few hours Jesus was hanging on the cross.
  • Allow yourself to acknowledge the joy.

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The challenges of being in embodiment

  • When you are in a body, you are looking at life from a limited vantage point.
  • The masters understand how difficult it is for many of us to balance our daily lives with our spiritual lives, with our spiritual path.

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