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As has been explained in other sections, the path of Christhood is not a “quick-fix” process. It is a lifetime commitment and the path has several stages. This section talks about the different stages and how to move from one to the next.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Let the Living Christ call you

  • When you are at a plateau, where you need to step up to a higher level, the teacher will come to you.
  • The teacher tells you to leave something behind and follow him.
  • This is the big decision that determines your progress on the path.
  • Jesus called more than 12 disciples.
  • Christianity has taken out the guru-chela relationship.

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Welcome the big decisions

  • There are certain big decisions on the path.
  • By owning a condition, you make it easier to make big decisions.
  • Learn to recognize when it is time to take a major leap forward on your path—and then take it with joy.

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Understanding the transition from self-centered growth to Christhood

  • You can form a community, and you can help each other, but you must walk the path individually.
  • When you have had enough of the things of this world, you can realize that your true inner longing is for Christhood.
  • The path of anti-christ is using one's attainment to raise up that separate self for the glorification of the separate self or some material cause.
  • Are you willing to lay down that life, that separate self, for the sake of following Christ.

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The gap between your consciousness and the consciousness of the teacher

  • The central challenge on the spiritual path is how to close the gap between where you are now and where you need to go.
  • One of the major tactics employed by the dark forces and the ego, is to create the illusion that it is impossible for you to bridge the gap.
  • In order to motivate us to walk the path, the masters must give us examples, such as Jesus.
  • The ego can use that to create an aura of idolatry, or infallibility, around the leaders, which makes it seem impossible for others to bridge the gap and attain the same consciousness as the leader.
  • You of your own self could not bridge the gap but God within you can indeed bridge that gap.

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No progress without experimentation

  • Christhood is not about being perfect before you try.
  • The greatest mistake you can make is not to dare to experiment.
  • When souls pass from the screen of life and have a life review, the universal, greatest regret that people have is what they did not do.
  • You must dare to speak out and express your Christhood.

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You can always accelerate beyond your current state of consciousness

  • Use the powers you have in your mind to accelerate yourself beyond your current state of consciousness.
  • You do have the power to accelerate your sense of self beyond its current level.
  • Observe yourself, your reactions to the situations you encounter in daily life.
  • An exercise of the heart chakra.

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Serving to raise up all life

  • Your true purpose is to inspire others to do what you have done.
  • Why Jesus took disciples.
  • Will you use your attainment to help others or glorify the ego?

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A critical initiation on the path

  • The critical initiation is the willingness to take a step in a certain direction without knowing what lies two steps ahead.
  • Jesus, Joseph and Mary all embodied this principle.
  • Tune in to the Spirit, follow its directions, take that next step on your path.

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Overcoming the fear of being nobody

  • Society offers you a sense of being somebody. You must lose that in order to follow the path.
  • Examine why you believe you are a nobody if you go against he programming of society.
  • Question the reality of the appearances that make you believe that you, as an infinite Spirit, have to adapt yourself to finite appearances.
  • Nothing on earth is real and everything is a matter of perspective.

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Persecution is part of the path to Christhood 

  • You will not be physically crucified, but you might be persecuted and crucified in the emotional realm, the mental realm or the identity realm.
  • Persecution is part of the deal when you volunteer to embody on earth.
  • The fallen beings form a force on this earth, and in their blindness they believe they control life.
  • People are beginning to awaken and realize that we are standing before a monumental shift in consciousness on this planet.

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The higher stages of Christhood and the path of Buddhahood

  • The doorway to Buddhahood is Christhood. 
  • You cannot work on your Buddhahood until you have attained a high degree of Christhood.
  • Christhood is when you do not withdraw from life and society.
  • You do not manifest Christhood by denying your emotions.
  • At the higher levels of Christhood, you go through a period where you are very active in either doing spiritual work or engaged in seeking to do something about the conditions in the world and society.

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The highest levels of Christhood 

  • It is fully possible to ascend for a person who has reached the higher stages of Christhood and is engaged in helping the world.
  • You must be willing to go through the process that Jesus demonstrated with his public trial, persecution, and crucifixion.
  • You must allow those who, for whatever reasons of unresolved psychology, are so willing to play the role of persecuting and accusing and judging others.
  • Then look at your own expectations and let them go.
  • You can come to the point of not reacting only by first going through the lower stages of Christhood where you do react.
  • Then you go through the higher stages of Christhood where you not only react, but act.
  • The closer you are to the higher stages of Christhood and the first stages of Buddhahood, the more of an impact you will have and the fewer people it takes to shift an entire nation.

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No ultimate level of growth

  • As long as you are in embodiment here on earth, there is no such thing as an ultimate level of growth.
  • Jesus stayed with his disciples for only three years because he did not want them to fall into the trap of becoming comfortable.
  • It is God’s purpose that by you being raised up, you should serve as the instrument for raising up all life.
  • The need for Christed beings to come together.

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Stopping just before the goal is reached

  • Many spiritual people are close to manifesting Christhood.
  • Too many stop just before they reach Christhood because they are not willing to question an ego illusion.
  • Many are working hard without getting anywhere.

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