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When Jesus walked the earth, he often talked about those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. He was not referring to the physical senses but to the inner ability to discern between the illusions of anti-christ and the reality of the Christ mind.

Most people are blinded by the consciousness of anti-christ or the consciousness of duality. This state of mind makes it possible to justify doing anything you want, which is why you see people who can obviously go against the commandments of Christ while believing this is fully justified by Christ. This explains why the Christian religion has committed so many acts of violence throughout its history.

Christ discernment is an essential quality to develop on the mystical path. This section talks about what discernment is and how you can begin to acquire it.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


We have taken on illusions in order to help others

  • Many spiritual people have taken on certain dualistic illusions in order to demonstrate to others how to rise above them.
  • You are more than these illusions. Be willing to look at them. Be willing to reach for the Living Word.
  • Study outer teachings, but the outer word will only change you if you allow it to become the Living Word in your heart.
  • The outer Living Word will help you only by stimulating an inner "Aha" experience where you suddenly see from within what you cannot see with the outer mind.

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Why people do not see the beam in their own eye

  • If you see something in the eye of another, there is only one reason why you can see it—because you have it in your own consciousness.
  • If there is something that always annoys you with other people, it is because you are looking at the world through a particular filter.
  • The reason why you see certain faults in others is that you see through the filter.
  • Your filter is what stops you from entering the kingdom of heaven.

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Look for your own filter

  •  When you realize that you are looking at the world through a filter, you can begin to examine it.
  • When you are open, the Word will show you the unreality of your filter.
  • Christ comes to reconnect everyone to the Living Word within them.
  • The Comforter is the Living Word in your own heart, your Christ self, which will give you that inner Word that unlocks the understanding that is beyond any outer words.

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You cannot grasp Christ truth with the intellect

  • You cannot fit the truth of Christ into your old belief system.
  • Trying to do this, as the scribes and Pharisees did to Jesus, will only trap you even more in illusion.
  • You must stop rejecting Christ based on outer things and accept Christ in your heart.

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Overcoming the gray zone

  • There is an interim stage, where you are ready at inner levels but your outer mind has not yet acknowledged it.
  • The masters want to awaken people, but they do not want to awaken them so abruptly that they are devastated or shocked.
  • The masters do not want to shatter our self-esteem, but they want us to wake up to the potential for change.

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Is there any absolute truth?

  • There is a dream in religious tradition of finding some scripture or teaching that is absolutely true at all times and for all conditions.
  • Jesus did not tell us to worship God through outer scriptures but through the inner spirit.
  • The Living Word does not come alive in you unless you allow it to come alive, allow it to transform you.
  • People’s outer minds resist truth and it may take them a while to change that.
  • We must not be discouraged but continue to speak the Word as we are able.

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Your challenge to create a culture without a norm

  • Most religious and spiritual movements define a standard for how you are supposed to behave in order to be saved.
  • There is a need for an environment that accepts people without imposing a standard upon them.
  • Christ discernment allows you to see what is real and unreal.
  • The serpentine mind tempts us to use Christ discernment to set up a standard whereby we judge other people.
  • Allow people to be at their present level of consciousness and grow from there.
  • Christ discernment can become tainted by the tendency to judge, based on a standard for what is normal or what is acceptable. 
  • Question the norm so that you do not carry the norms of your society with you unquestioned, whereby you will unconsciously color your Christ discernment.
  • Ask yourself where you have conditions in your expression of love.

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Growing up in a mechanistic society

  • It is time for you to shake off the yoke of the mechanization consciousness.
  • You are not a robot.
  • Grasp the vision of the need to reach beyond that mechanization consciousness, and to become creative beings.
  • There is no greater service, there is no greater need, on planet earth right now than to have some people, who will not only free themselves but who will begin to speak out against the mechanization consciousness.

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How to have discernment

  • Consider whether a spirit seeks to make you feel superior to others.
  • What makes you susceptible to the lower spirits is your attachment to one of your ego's desires.
  • Many people have certain false concepts about the spiritual path, about their role on earth.
  • Overcome the desire to serve God in some ultimate way that is more important than others.
  • False spirits will tell you how special you are. True sprits will tell you that you are one with all life.

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Saint Germain’s guidance for those lacking Christ discernment

  • Ascended master guidance is always subject to the Law of Free Will, which means a person can receive only what his or her mind is open to receiving.
  • Preconceived opinions block our ability to receive Divine guidance.
  • Saint Germain’s attainment and momentum has the potential to make up for any lack on the part of humans in embodiment.

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The real God does not judge you

  • People have created the image of an angry and judgmental God, but they also want to think God is good.
  • They think that when bad things happen, it must be God’s punishment.
  • The Christ consciousness is One It is meant to enable all self-aware beings with free will to experiment with their free will freely. 
  • No matter how far we might descend into a lower state of consciousness, we can, at any moment, reach for the Christ. 
  • The Christ will help us free ourselves from the limiting state of consciousness.
  • Christ does not judge the way human beings judge.

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An internal frame of reference

  • If you do not experience oneness inside yourself, then you cannot fully know that oneness is the underlying reality.
  • When you do not have this firm inner frame of reference, your mind is open to an external frame of reference that then makes you doubt yourself.
  • The Peter consciousness represents the desire for an outer frame of reference that you will not give up even though you are face-to-face with the Living Christ.

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The ultimate truth is oneness

  • If you think that you have found an ultimate truth then you are not accelerating.
  • You are using the outer teaching to create a mental box, or a weapon to use against others in the egoic desire to raise yourself up in comparison to others.
  • Ultimate truth is that all life is one and that God the Creator wants all life to grow, and transcend, and come back into oneness.
  • Ultimate truth cannot be expressed in words. 
  • Words have different meanings, and you can always twist and turn the words to justify anything you want to justify.
  • There is absolute truth and there is dominant truth.

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The reality simulator of earth

  • Earth is a reality simulator.
  • The Ma-ter light will take on any form projected upon it in order to give you the experience that you have said you wanted.
  • You believe this a real world and it is not the result of your state of consciousness. Your state of consciousness cannot do anything about this.
  • Jesus wants to help us wake up from this illusion so we can take back our power to change our circumstances.
  • We must question our reactionary patterns and dare to leave the mental box behind.

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How to overcome doubt

  • The aim of the fallen beings who rebelled against God has been to divide you in yourself with the poison of doubt.
  • The Christ light has the potential to rise up and throw off the shackles of the fallen consciousness.
  • How can you be sure that the Christ light is the cure when you look at everything through a filter that is coloured by the consciousness of anti-christ?
  • The only way out is to experience the Christ light within yourself.
  • Getting off the mind that is like a merry-go-round.
  • Knowing the limitations of the mind and overcoming the illusion that there are problems you have to solve.

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Asking the unasked questions

  • Christ discernment empowers you to ask questions that most people cannot imagine.
  • You can ask questions that help people awaken from the consciousness of separation.

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