The difference between Christ and anti-christ

You cannot fully understand Christ without understanding the state of consciousness that keeps us from attaining oneness with Christ, namely the consciousness of anti-christ. 

Christhood is not about belief or faith, not even about knowledge and understanding. The essence of Christhood is a direct, inner experience of the reality that all life is one and thus we are not separated from God or from each other. Obviously, this is in direct opposition to the awareness with which we grew up. We have been conditioned to see ourselves as separated from God and each other. This illusion of separation is the main illusion produced by the consciousness of anti-christ. 

The consciousness of anti-christ uses a special form of logic, called dualistic logic or serpentine logic, to create, justify and uphold the illusion that we are separate beings. It has even created an entirely false path to salvation, designed to make us believe that by following a religion here on earth we can qualify for entry into heaven without overcoming the illusion that we are separate beings. 

Christhood makes it clear that the ONLY way to enter heaven is to transcend separation and come into oneness with the indivisible mind of Christ. The main function of the consciousness of Christ is to uphold oneness between the Creator and its creation, meaning us. The true meaning of Jesus’ message of salvation is that it means coming into oneness: “I and my Father are one.”

This website exposes the consciousness of anti-christ and many of its illusions. It will also help you recognize the forces of anti-christ and how they seek to prevent you from attaining and expressing Christhood. As a Christed being you do not fight the forces of anti-christ, but you do expose them and their lies. You are, as Jesus said, wise as a serpent yet harmless as a dove.

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Introductory article:

When you allow anti-christ to define your image of Christ, is it any wonder that you cannot be free?


Longer article:

Starting to see through the deceptions of anti-christ

The deceptions of anti-christ are numerous and subtle. Many of them have become such an ingrained part of society and culture that most people take them for granted. This article focuses on how to avoid the most common temptations that you will be exposed to while walking the path of Christhood.




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