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One of the obvious ways to help Jesus is to speak out and tell others about his true message and the falsity of Christian doctrines. In this section you will find articles on how you can overcome the fear of speaking out and speak from a state of inner peace.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Speak the true message of Christ

  • Jesus brought a message of liberation from the lower, human consciousness.
  • Jesus did not come to start a religion that is warring with others.
  • We are living at a time when cycles are turning and we have come into embodiment to help bring the victory of Jesus’ mission.
  • We are here to raise up the Divine Mother by becoming open doors for the power of the Divine Father within us.

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How to help Jesus awaken others

  • At first, unless people ask, you do not say anything. Let them ask, and then give them what they ask for.
  • There comes a point, where you have reached a certain degree of bonding with your Christ self. You can then challenge people as Jesus did.
  • Say, “You know there is a better way, right?”

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Do not hold your peace

  • Many spiritual people they feel so weighted down, they feel so insignificant, that they cannot get themselves over that hump and take a stand with Christ.
  • Do not hold your peace, share it, let it flow, so that it can enlighten and inspire others.

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Help Jesus expose the false teachers of Europe

  • Christ came to this earth to set the people free from the tyranny of an outer Church who says that you are nothing and you need the church in order to be saved.
  • There is no institution and no power on earth that has any authority, any power, over you.
  • The same God that is in you that was in Jesus, that is in Jesus today.
  • Know why you are here and then dare to speak out to set others free.

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Claim the true authority of the Living Word

  • The power elite is trying to suppress the people and prevent them from bearing witness to the truth they know in their hearts.
  • They say that unless you have some kind of earthly authority – given to you by the establishment – then you have no authority and no right to speak out.
  • You have the authority from Christ within you who gives you the right to speak out against the prince of this world.
  • You are here to help manifest the Golden Age of Saint Germain.
  • You came here to bring a gift, to fulfill your divine plan by helping to set the people free.

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Dare to question the Church

  • Question the unquestionable. Question what no one else has been willing to question.
  • If the Church is not fulfilling the needs of the people, why are we upholding that Church in its present form instead of changing it?
  • Just a few people, if they keep asking the question, can build a momentum.

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Speaking without fear

  • Speak from the heart, for only then will you speak without fear.
  • You cannot give true service to life unless you are fully at peace.
  • When you respond in kind when people are unkind to you, you only affirm to them their belief that the world is a negative place filled with negative people.
  • How to speak from a state of peace.
  • How to let the Spirit speak through you.
  • Be willing to speak from what you know instead of waiting until you become perfect.

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What one has done, all can do

  • Demonstrate to others that you can rise above limitations.
  • The motto of the masters is: “What one has done, all can do.” 
  • In this age it is not enough that one person demonstrates it, as Jesus did 2,000 years ago. 
  • Many people need to demonstrate it, so that people can see that what many have done, I, too, can do.

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Stop feeding the problem

  • You cannot solve a problem by thinking you can analyze it and overcome it. 
  • You overcome it only by being reborn so that the problem can no longer touch you.
  • When you demonstrate this publicly, many people can be awakened.
  • Many people have come into embodiment – taken on certain diseases of the body – in order to demonstrate that you can rise above it.
  • There are so many illusions that need to be challenged.
  • Accept that you do have the level of Christhood necessary to challenge a particular illusion. 
  • Put yourself out there and flow from the fire from within your Being.

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Do the works that Jesus did

  • The purpose of Jesus’ mission was to challenge the lie, to demonstrate that you can rise above the lie.
  • Because humankind has progressed in its awareness and understanding, a much more sophisticated teaching can be brought forth today. 
  • We can expose more lies today than Jesus could.
  • Accept that you are reborn into that new level of Christhood, where you are able to challenge a particular lie and go out and demonstrate that the lie is not real.

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Expose the hypocrisy of Christianity

  • Jesus has withdrawn his light and sponsorship from Christianity. 
  • There will be no opportunity for people to hide under the guise of being Christians, while not living up to the commandments that Jesus gave 2,000 years ago.
  • Jesus challenges all of those who wish to be part of the Aquarian age to rise up and publicly expose hypocrisy in Christianity.
  • Demonstrate that there is a way to go beyond the dualistic approach to spirituality and religion.

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How to speak out without judgment

  • One might think, that one should therefore never speak out against anyone or any condition. 
  • You should never speak out against any one person.
  • You are not seeking to condemn or put down, but you are seeking to raise up. 
  • It may be necessary to challenge another person’s unreality, as Jesus indeed challenged the scribes and Pharisees.
  • There is a fundamental difference between speaking out and challenging other people from the consciousness of judgment and then speaking out from the purity of the Christ consciousness.
  • If you judge others, you have already judged yourself.

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Be open to letting the Spirit speak through you

  • Jesus had difficult tests.
  • He passed them only by surrendering his lower vision to his higher vision.
  • Surrender yourself into the flow of the Spirit and allow yourself to be surprised.
  • Let the Spirit speak when other people need help.

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