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All life is one, meaning that if you raise your consciousness and strive for personal Christhood, you also raise the whole. This is why Jesus said that if he was lifted up, he would draw all people to himself. This section contains articles on how you can best embody the message of Jesus and set the stage for your speaking out about his true message.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Why the top 10 percent are the key

  • The spiritual people must see through the manipulation of the power elite.
  • The power elite seeks to suppress the top 10 percent by making them believe they have no right, they have no authority, to take a stand.
  • The world has examples of how one person started something but others picked up on it, and suddenly a shift occurred in the mindset of an entire area, eventually spreading to the entire world.
  • The power elite seeks to destroy individuality.
  • Even though you have been exposed to this manipulation from early childhood, you had an inner sense that there was something more, there was something beyond it.
  • How to rise above the mass consciousness.

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Love one-another as Christ loves you

  • Those who truly are the disciples of Christ are known by the fact that they love one another as Jesus loved them.
  • Christ loves people as he loves himself.
  • The Living Christ does not focus attention on imperfections. 
  • The Living Christ focuses on the immaculate concept and the potential for that person.
  • Darkness can be removed only by bringing light.

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Become a prince or princess of peace

  • If you would give the greatest service for eradicating conflict and war from this planet, then commit yourself to walking the inner Path of Peace.
  • If you do not have peace in your own being, how can you possibly be free?
  • The ego wants you to think that only when certain conditions are met in your personal life, can you be at peace.
  • The essential expectation that the ego has built is that your inner peace depends on peace in the outer world.

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Raise up a chalice for the Living Christ

  • Being Right means being balanced.
  • Only by seeking balance can you be an open door for Christ.
  • You know not when the Living Christ needs to use you, because you are the only person who can give that cup of cold water to a particular person.

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A new greeting for modern disciples

  • The world needs to overcome the idolatry of Christianity and have the concept that the Christ could be born in every human being.
  • You need to pass through the initiation that Jesus passed through on the cross of letting that ghost, that final ghost, of the ego die. 
  • You are allowing the Christ to rise. And thus, the Christ is not only born in you, the Christ is risen in you.
  • This is a way to greet each other: “The Christ is risen in you.”

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True and false service

  • True service to life is when you serve ALL life. 
  • There is only one way to serve all life, and that is to flow with the Holy Spirit.
  • Ninety percent or more of the religious people on this planet are trapped in the illusion that what they are doing is serving God. But they are serving the remote God.
  • Why the scribes and Pharisees rejected Jesus.

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Understanding the pyramid of consciousness

  • There is a pyramid of different levels of consciousness with most people at lower levels.
  • At the top are few people, but because the entire pyramid is connected, even one person can raise the whole.
  • This is what Jesus did and each of us can do the same.
  • Do not take unto yourself the graven image of an external God, an external word, and worship that image as the true God. 
  • Find the kingdom within you.

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Be MORE than normal!

  • The greatest hindrance to the bringing forth of the Golden Age of Aquarius is the insidious, programming that you are supposed to be a normal human being.
  • This is an attempt by the dark forces and the power elite to put you in a box where you are so focused on following the norms defined by your society that you do not dare to challenge those norms.
  • Members of the power elite seek to stop progress, they seek to stop new inventions, new ideas, new philosophies, new concepts.
  • God created you as a unique individual and you need to develop your God potential instead of submitting to some norm on earth.

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Hear Jesus inside yourself

  • Jesus can speak to you in your heart.
  • In order to hear him, you must create a space of silence in your mind.
  • Jesus has no desire to tell every human being on this planet what to do. You can know from within.
  • If your consciousness is at a certain level, you will attract to you a particular parallel universe, where whatever is in your consciousness will manifest.

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The essential service

  • The essence of service is that you come to the realization that all life is One and that the only way to raise up yourself is to raise up the All.
  • Jesus exemplified that which in the East is called the Bodhisattva vow.
  • You are not serving by seeking to convert everyone to one religion.
  • Show people there is more to life by questioning what they cannot question.

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Humankind’s sense of self must be reborn

  • People’s sense of self has been reborn many times throughout history.
  • This needs to happen again so people rise above both the false Christianity and materialism.

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Representing Jesus on earth

  • When people become convinced that they are right, or that there is only one right viewpoint, they become very serious.
  • If your joy is gone, then you have lost touch with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus came to bring to the world the flame of unconditional joy.
  • To truly step up to a higher level of representing Christ, of expressing Christ, it is necessary to open your heart to Jesus’ flame.
  • Joy is a flame that can resolve all conflict. 
  • Joy is a flame that does not solve a problem, but it gives you a different perspective, a different frame of reference. And suddenly, the problem no longer seems so serious.

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Why the masters are grateful

  • The masters are grateful that we recognize there is something beyond earth.
  • Question: “Why am I separated from the ascended masters? Why do I need an outer messenger, why am I not hearing or at least sensing the masters inside myself?”

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Bring forth the judgment of the fallen beings by being the Christ

  • A fallen being, in embodiment or out of embodiment, cannot be taken from the earth until someone in embodiment has achieved the level of Christhood that the fallen being had before it fell.
  • Many people in embodiment today who, before they came into embodiment, saw the reality on this planet and saw the need for someone to rise to a certain level of Christhood in order to remove a particular fallen being.
  • Dare to ask yourself: “Is there more I could do? Is there more I wanted to do before coming into embodiment?”

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