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The ascended masters explain the basic dynamic very simply: The masters have the power to remove all darkness from the earth, but because of the Law of Free Will, they do not have the authority to do so. We who are in embodiment do have the authority, but we do not have the power. 

The solution is that we give the ascended masters the authority to act on earth by invoking their spiritual light. It is only spiritual light that can dispel the darkness on earth.

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The role of free will

  • Even a being as powerful as Jesus can single-handedly bring God’s kingdom to earth. 
  • Even Jesus faces an obstacle that he cannot overcome. 
  • That obstacle is your ability and willingness to accept the kingdom of God manifest in your personal life, in your society and on the planet as a whole.
  • The Law or Free Will is an absolute law.
  • Dark forces have no respect for free will but the masters do.

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What we can do for God

  • You of your own selves, you of your outer selves, can do nothing to change the world. 
  • Many of you knew, from early childhood, that something was not right in this world.
  • When you connect to the power of God within you, you can become part of the solution and you will no longer be part of the problem.

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Take up your roles as co-creators for the Golden Age

  • People must enter a figure-eight flow with the ascended masters.
  • The entire plot of the fallen ones on this planet is to put down those who have the potential to manifest Christhood in this embodiment.
  • The Living Word must be anchored by those in embodiment.
  • The sense of distance comes only from the ego and from the false beliefs that have been put upon you throughout the ages by the false religions and the representatives of anti-christ.
  • The key to oneness is to hold the immaculate concept for yourself.

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How to bring forth real solutions to world problems

  • You cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem.
  • Some people must be the open doors for reaching beyond the consciousness that has created the problems.
  • It is a complete illusion when people think that this political system or that political system can solve their problems.
  • Many people who are religious are in a passive state of consciousness of thinking that they can pray to God, and then God will magically step in and solve their problems for them.
  • All problems spring from ignorance. 
  • The solution to any problem is understanding, the Christ understanding that is beyond human ignorance.

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The essential challenge on earth

  • There is already an upward spiral of an increase of light.
  • As the light intensifies, certain areas will seem darker because the shadows become more intense in contrast to the light.
  • The importance of invoking spiritual light.

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Stop focusing on conflict!

  • Many sincere spiritual seekers have gotten themselves into a blind alley by focusing on the problems on earth.
  • They are deliberately looking for something that can feed this need to feel that the world is on the brink of disaster.
  • If you think the world is on the brink of disaster, it will be.
  • The masters have need of those who will stop focusing on the darkness and instead focus on the light that is within themselves.
  • Jesus came to start the Age of Peace but he is not allowed to finish it. 
  • In order for the Age of Peace to come to its culmination, a critical mass of people in embodiment must decide to embody the teachings of Jesus.

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Christ shall reign on earth

  • The universal Christ consciousness is beyond time and space. 
  • The forces of anti-christ have their time and have their day, but they do not have forever.
  • There is no question that Christ shall reign forever and ever in the world of form. But there is a question of when Christ shall be able to reign on earth. 
  • That question cannot be answered by Jesus but only by us.

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You are not here to change the world

  • We walk a tightrope of being the Living Christ in action without going too far into any of the dualistic extremes.
  • As the Living Christ, you are not here to produce a specific outer change on earth!
  • What you can do as the Living Christ is to awaken the people, so that they can make the best possible choices. 
  • The Living Christ is not a dictator who comes in and takes power.
  • Avoid the dualistic power games defined by the epic struggle.
  • Attaining non-attachment to a specific outcome by being focused on the process itself.

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Revolution must come from the people

  • The establishment, the government and all aspects of society are more rigid and less fluid than the people themselves. 
  • That is why true revolution must come from below.
  • The greatest revolutionary in the western world was Jesus himself.
  • The establishment rejected Jesus and only the people accepted him.
  • Today, many people in embodiment who are very, very close to manifesting and expressing their Christhood.
  • Communication is so much easier than at the time of Jesus.
  • How to change your own consciousness.
  • How to change the collective consciousness.
  • Spiritual people are the forerunners for a shift in consciousness.
  • We have volunteered to take on certain facets of the mass consciousness—and transmute them in our own Being.

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Understanding the consciousness of the multitudes

  • The multitudes, are wonderful people but they have not yet manifested a high enough degree of individuality to stand above the crowd.
  • As long as you are blindly following the currents of the mass consciousness, you cannot actually walk the spiritual path and manifest personal Christhood. 
  • Personal Christhood is individual Christhood. It must be won by you as an individual being, raising up and attaining a direct contact with your own higher being and with your spiritual teachers.

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The Battle of Armageddon

  • 2,000 years ago people had a much more limited world view than you have today.
  • They thought the battle of Armageddon in its entirety was taking place here on earth, and that the earth is the battleground that will decide the fate of the universe.
  • The earth is a very small planet in a very large universe.
  • The earth is a testing ground. Is it possible for the ascended masters to empower a sufficient number among the top ten percent, to pull the earth into an ascending spiral?
  • Will the spiritual people pull earth up or will the fallen beings pull it down?
  • How the Karmic Board determines who is allowed to embody on earth.
  • Overcoming the accusatory energy of the fallen beings.

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Become an expert in one area

  • In order to serve the masters more efficiently, become an expert in an area that is dear to your heart.
  • Overcome the sense that there is nothing you can do.
  • Educate yourself, then speak out.

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How planets are pulled up by the universe

  • Earth is being pulled up by the rest of the universe.
  • In order to resist the Ascension Spiral, people must exert greater and greater force and this intensifies the struggle.
  • If the earth was isolated, people could create a downward spiral that they could not stop.
  • There is an underlying law that states that you must go either up or down, that you cannot stand still.

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A society progresses through accelerating the collective consciousness

  • A society progresses when a few people raise their consciousness and then pull up the collective.
  • In the past people looked at many things as insurmountable obstacles. Today they are not even problems.
  • Humankind will continue to raise its awareness, to raise its consciousness. 
  • There will be a time where some of the obstacles you consider insurmountable today will be seen as quite simple problems that nobody even worries about anymore.

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No cosmic force or cycle will bring change

  • Everything on earth revolves around free will. 
  • No cosmic force would ever be allowed to come in and force the earth into a higher state.
  • The key to growth is to expand people’s vision so that they will make better choices.

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Why Jesus could perform miracles

  • Being born of water means that you come the understanding with the mind that you actually need to surrender the lower self.
  • Let the I AM Presence flow through your nexus into the four lower bodies and express itself through those four lower bodies without the "I," the conscious self, having to think about this.
  • Nothing is hopeless. Change is possible. That is what the power elite do not want you to believe.
  • The reason why society is at a higher level today than in the Stone Age is that there has been an expansion in consciousness.
  • It is the expansion in consciousness that drives all progress.

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The laws of nature are not mechanical

  • The problem with materialistic science is that it has given people the impression that the laws of nature are mechanical, and thus nothing can override the laws of nature.
  • These are the people who are unbalanced in power, and they will seek to control those who are unbalanced in love—and who therefore become passive followers of the blind leaders.
  • The laws of nature are not mechanical. 
  • When you attain some measure of Christ consciousness, you can go beyond what science currently calls the laws of nature.

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Why Americans are asleep

  • America could provide a bastion of freedom against the rising tide of totalitarian forces seen around the world. 
  • Yet instead of using their prosperity and power to promote true freedom, the American people have allowed themselves to be lulled asleep by a comfortable lifestyle.
  • The false pastors do not want the people to be awakened, they do not want them to think for themselves.
  • This is a pattern that is in such opposition to the mission of Jesus that it is nothing less than blasphemy. 
  • Jesus came to awaken people so that they could choose the immortal life of Christ rather than the death of the consciousness of anti-christ.

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