Ego game No. 3: Play your part—indefinitely

All the world’s a stage—in which all the roles are defined by the ego

A message from the ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (April 7, 2007)

So, my beloved, seeing as this is a working retreat, we cannot give you any more time to meditate within. For I, Jesus, do indeed have a discourse to give you, and appropriately it is a discourse on one of the ego’s most basic games. One of the games that is at the very core of the ego and that the ego will never overcome but that YOU can overcome—when you know you are
more than the ego because you have reconnected to that love of your inner being.

And so, my beloved, you have heard the beautiful story earlier of the woman who knew she was about to be raped but who refused to play the role of the victim.* And therefore, the aggressor could not carry out his intentions. Now, that story, my beloved, encapsulates the very essence of the most basic ego game, which is the game of fighting an opponent in the dualistic struggle of life and death.

For you see, my beloved, the ego is born of duality and will never be able to think beyond duality. And in duality there are two polarities, two opposites, two extremes. And because they are opposites, they are always locked in a never-ending struggle. And so you see, my beloved, this is precisely how the prince of this world has managed to trap almost everyone on Earth in a dualistic struggle that keeps them from reconnecting to their inner beings.

You see, my beloved, all the prince of this world has to do is to commit some kind of aggressive act against someone, and if that someone feels violated – feels victimized, feels attacked, feels unjustly treated – then that person will slip into the dualistic mindset and will then play the role of one of the dualistic identities that have been created over time by those who have become trapped in duality.

Playing a pre-defined role

My beloved, you will not currently on Earth find a more profound teaching on this than what is given in Maitreya’s book, where he talks about the beings who fell in the higher spheres, who created certain identities based on duality. And these identities can be compared to the roles you have in a theater production, where some people play the hero, some people play the villain, some people play the victims. And so you see, my beloved, those who are trapped in duality are already – without realizing it – trapped in one of these dualistic identities, in one of these parts, one of these roles in the play.

And so, when they act out that role in aggression against the innocents who are not yet trapped in such a role, there is a possibility – a strong possibility – that the innocent children will feel victimized by the aggressor and therefore will slip into the role of being a victim. And then they are trapped in the dualistic game of the ego. For now they see themselves in relation to – in opposition to – someone else who is in a dualistic role. And so, without knowing it, they slip right into one of these dualistic roles, such as the role of victim. And some slip into another role, that of the one who seeks revenge, or that of the one who seeks justice by somehow compensating for the wrongs done in the past by committing another wrong in the present.

And so you see, my beloved, this is the basic fabric of the ego—that it always plays one of these dualistic roles, it takes on one of these dualistic identities. And so you need to become wise as serpents, so that you can see the unreality of the serpentine mind, the serpentine logic, that has created these varied dualistic parts and identities. So that you can realize that you have taken this on as an actor in the theater takes on a costume, puts on make-up, puts on false teeth or a wig or a hump on the back in order to bear the resemblance of the part it is meant to play.

And so, when you see the unreality of this, when you become wise as a serpent, wise to the serpents, you realize that you are not the part you are playing—you are more than that part. And that is when you can begin to contemplate the possibility of separating yourself from the part, even separating yourself from the entire play so that you can eventually walk out of the theater and say, “I have had enough of playing that old worn-out part. Find somebody else, for you will have to do without me. I am done with this. I have had enough!”

The game ends when you decide to stop playing

My beloved, as I inspired this messenger to say to someone earlier, “When will your struggles end?” Well, my beloved, you have free will, do you not? So when will your struggles end? When you decide that they will end, NOW! Can you make that decision right now? Perhaps not. But I tell you, there will come a point where you can make that decision—if you decide that it is going to happen now.

For you see, my beloved, the universe is a mirror. Which means that whatever you send out, it must reflect back. And so when you take on a certain role in the play, in the dualistic play, then the universe thinks that you want to experience the outer conditions that correspond to the role. And so if you feel like a victim of life or a victim of outer circumstances, the subconscious message you are sending at the cosmic mirror is that you want to experience what it is like to be a victim. And so the more victimized you feel, the more frustrated you feel, well my beloved the universe can interpret that in only one way, “Oh, he wants to experience even more of a struggle, he wants to be victimized even more.”

And my beloved, why does the universe interpret it that way? Because the cosmic mirror has absolute respect for your free will. And therefore, as long as you are in that role, that identity of being the victim, the universe can only interpret it in one way, namely that you are not done playing the part of a victim. You still want to experience what it is like to be a victim. And so naturally, the universe gives you what you want. And it will continue to do so, even accelerating it, until you finally come to the point where you take responsibility and say, “Okay. I have been a victim for a long time, but it was because I made a decision that caused me to enter into that victim consciousness. I took on that part, I put on that costume. But I have had enough of it!” And so you decide that you will no longer play that part.

And, my beloved, let me assure you that the universe is based on free will, which means that whenever you decide you have had enough, you are free to leave the theater. Even if it is the night before the big premiere, you are free to quit and say, “Enough of this madness!” And this is why you need to be wise as a serpent. Because the serpents will do everything they can to make you believe in the lie that for this, that or the next reason you cannot just walk out of here, you cannot just walk out of that part. For once you have taken it on, it is permanent, you can never escape—or so they want you to believe.

Which is why they have come up with so many clever illusions, including, my beloved, the mainstream Christian delusion that you cannot save yourself but that only Jesus, as the external savior, can save you. And so, once again, all of these Christians think they are heading straight for heaven. But they are still in the consciousness of being a victim, still feeling that there is some external force who is pulling them down to hell or pulling them up to heaven—when in reality it is themselves and their own consciousness that are pulling them up or down. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also (Matthew 6:21).

The ego cannot become harmless as a dove

And so, my beloved, the ego will always be locked in this dualistic game of playing a part where it is either the aggressor, the villain, or the victim, or the hero, or some other part that is part of this battle between opponents, between two sides. And I tell you, my beloved, that most people on Earth and most religions on Earth have fallen victim to this consciousness. So even though one can say that there is an epic struggle between good and evil, the way the world looks at that struggle is false because it is influenced by the dualistic consciousness that has turned the struggle between good and evil into a dualistic one. So that no matter which part you play in that struggle, you are only serving to perpetuate the struggle itself and keep yourself stuck in that struggle.

And thus, we come to the second part of my statement, for when you become wise as a serpent – you realize what is going on, you realize the dualistic game – then you can fulfill the second requirement and become harmless as a dove (Matthew 10:16). For you see, my beloved, as long as you think you have to eradicate evil, you are simply trapped in the dualistic game. As long as you think you have to serve the external God in the sky – and as long as your religious quest is based on the desire to serve the external God rather than serving the internal God that is in all life – well then you are still part of the struggle.

And so the only way to escape the struggle is to become harmless as a dove by letting go of all desire for justice, for revenge, for somehow making up for the wrongs by committing new wrongs. The only way out is through unconditional surrender, unconditional love. And that is what you heard in the stories read to you earlier—that these people – in the most tense life-threatening situations – instead of fighting it, instead of resisting it, instead of feeling victimized, they simply surrendered. And in that surrender they became harmless as a dove.

And so the Holy Spirit, often depicted as a dove, could then descend and change the situation so that what seemed to be the guaranteed outcome did not come to pass. Because somehow – by the person who was cast to be in the role of the victim refusing to play the role of the victim – the person that was trapped in the role of the aggressor was empowered to see beyond the role and realized that he too was more than the part he was playing. And thus he did not need to act out that part in all the grizzly detail that was in the script written by the prince of this world.

Set everyone free by refusing to play the part

And so you see, my beloved, by you refusing to play your part in the dualistic struggle, you might inspire others to realize that there is an alternative, there is a way beyond the struggle, there is something beyond the struggle, there is more to life than the dualistic struggle. And this, of course, is truly the essence of my teaching and my example. For you see, my beloved, if you truly look at my life based on the understanding I have just given, you will see that I too refused to play the part that I had been assigned. I refused to live up to the expectations of the Jews for what the Messiah should be like.

Look at the scribes and Pharisees who wanted me to fit into the mental box they had created, based on the old scriptures, based on their tradition. And so, they used their tradition to create an expectation of exactly how the Messiah should play his part. For they thought, my beloved, that the Living Christ – when he came to Earth – would slip right into one of the dualistic roles in the play and would find his part in the dualistic play. Well, do you see, my beloved, that if I had lived up to their dualistic expectations, I would have confirmed those dualistic expectations. Thus, how could I have had any chance of helping them rise above those limitations?

And thus, I hope you can begin to see that when the Living Christ appears on Earth, his first and foremost task is to refuse to fit into any of the dualistic roles created in the theater production called Earth, in the drama, in the classic tragedy called Earth—or for that matter the comedy [Laughter]. For really, when you look at Earth you have to say, things are so bad you have to either laugh or cry [Laughter]. And so some will prefer to cry, and some will prefer to laugh.

But I tell you, the Living Christ must stand back from it all and say, “I am not here to confirm people’s illusions, I am here to challenge them!” And you challenge them only when you refuse to play the part that they have assigned to you—whatever that part may be, be it your family, your society, your religion. For you see, my beloved, it is impossible to grow up on Earth without growing up in an environment where there is someone or some institution that has a preassigned role for you that they desperately want you to fit into.

And the challenge for all of you, as spiritual people, is to free yourself from that programming, to free yourself from the roles that you have been brought up to play in this lifetime – or that you have played in previous lifetimes – that have caused you to build certain beliefs and programs in the subconscious mind that are still there, haunting you. Because you think you have to play that part, you still think you have to act out that role, whatever it may be.

Recognizing the more subtle parts

And you see, my beloved, it might be easy for you to see that playing the aggressor, playing the villain is a dualistic part, it may even be easy for you to see that being a victim is a dualistic part. But how many of you are able to see that even playing the hero is a dualistic part? And I tell you, this is a special challenge. For you see, many of you have descended from above on a rescue mission. And so you have come here to be the prince on the white horse that rides into town and frees the people from the bad guys.

But you see, through movies and popular culture, even that has been turned into a dualistic part, where the hero is cast in the role of him who fights the villain. But that is not the way to truly free the people from duality. For you see, my beloved, there were many Jews who expected the Messiah to be one of the warrior kings of the Old Testament and lead them in an uprising against the Romans. And many of them rejected me when I refused to play that part.

And so you see, it is subtle to see through the dualistic parts that have been created in order to trap you indefinitely in the dualistic game. It takes discernment. And where will that discernment come from? Well it will come from only one place—the Living Word. And so, once again, we come back to the WORD. And surely, I will give you more teachings on this as time allows in this conference and beyond.

But for now I leave you to ponder this simple question, “Do you like the part you are currently playing in the drama on Earth?”

If you do not, I tell you, you are free to walk out of it at this very moment. For as I said 2,000 years ago, “The kingdom of God is at hand,” meaning that it is an option that is available to you right now, and will be available to you at any moment in the future.

But I recommend that you do not misunderstand the concept of the Eternal NOW, thinking it means you have eternity to make the decision to let go of the old and leave the part you have been playing. For, after all, you are in a world of time and space so there is no eternity in this realm.

So I tell you, you are an actor in a cosmic play, and you can take off the make-up, you can take off the costume, you can take off the humpback, you can take off the wig, you can take off the big nose and the crooked teeth and throw them all in the garbage bin as you walk out of the theater saying, “Goodbye and good riddance, for I have understood the meaning of Jesus’ words ‘What is that to thee, follow thou me.'”






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