Ego game 6: How the ego can justify anything it wants

A message from the ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I have spoken about the epic struggle, and we will now take a closer look. This struggle is the single-most successful device created by the forces of anti-christ to keep human beings – and other self-aware beings – trapped in the mind of duality, thereby feeding their light to the forces of anti-christ. This light enables them to survive, even though they have long ago been cut off from receiving spiritual light directly.

The key to understanding the epic struggle is my teachings in the previous discourse that God is undivided and indivisible. God is the Infinite, and that which is infinite is everywhere, meaning that it cannot be divided and separated by distance. Concepts such as division and distance simply have no meaning when you are talking about the ultimate God. Which, as a side note, means that any God who favors one group of people over all others, such as the ancient Israelites, can only be a dualistic god.

The Creator has allowed its own Being to be manifest as the Ma-ter Light out of which everything in the world of form has been created. Thus, the Creator’s Being is embedded within everything in the form of the Divine Feminine. Yet the Creator has also allowed the creation of self-aware beings with free will. These beings are meant to serve as co-creators who bring about the unfoldment of the world of form from within.

Understanding the two basic choices

These co-creators have two spheres within which they can exercise their co-creative abilities. One is the Sphere of Oneness in which they co-create within the framework of God’s laws, which means that everything they create will raise up themselves and all life, thus bringing God’s overall plan closer to manifestation as Maitreya explains in great detail in his book. Please take note, that by exercising your free will within this sphere, you do not give up any freedom. On the contrary, as illustrated in my parable about the talents, your creative abilities are multiplied, and thus you actually gain greater creative freedom.

The other option is to exercise your creative abilities outside the Sphere of Oneness by acting as a separate individual. This is not possible in the spiritual realm, but the material universe has pockets – Earth being one of them – in which this is possible. However, this can be done only because of the density of matter, which prevents your thoughts from being instantaneously manifest. This gives the illusion of a separation between consciousness and matter, which makes possible the illusion that you are a separate individual who is not linked to others through the collective consciousness.

This illusion of separation gives rise to the further illusion that you can take physical actions and escape the consequences, meaning that you can do onto others without having others – or the universe – do onto you. This is, of course, a complete illusion, for no one can escape the consequences of his or her actions. Thus, when you exercise your creative abilities in a way that limits other parts of life – seeking to raise up the separate self – you will diminish your creative power and thus inevitably limit your freedom.

Yet when people are blinded by the illusion of separation, they fail to see this, and thus they can – for some time – maintain the illusion that they are raising the separate self in comparison to other separate selves. They can even maintain the illusion that they gain freedom only by going against God’s will—the will of the external god of their own making.

So you now see the two options. You can create in a way that raises up all life – including yourself – or you can create in a way that diminishes all life—again, yourself included. The first option should be the obvious choice, but once beings are blinded by the illusion of a separate self, it is not. In fact, the illusion that you can gain an advantage by raising up the separate self in comparison to others becomes the “obvious” choice. And out of this illusion, the epic struggle is born.

Why the epic struggle is pointless

If you look at the world, you will see any number of myths that portray the world as being locked in an epic struggle between two opposing forces, from ancient mythology to modern mythology, such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Throughout the ages, many people have looked at the world and concluded that this portrayal is true and that there is indeed an epic struggle. And indeed, there is such a struggle—only it is not between the true God and some entity that opposes God.

When you begin to glimpse God as the Infinite, you see that because that which is infinite cannot be divided, it can have no opposite. In God, there is only oneness, so how can there be a struggle? In other words, the Infinite God does not see itself as opposed by anything, meaning that there is no struggle within God’s Sphere of Oneness.

How then is the struggle born? As I explained in the last discourse, you can leave oneness only by creating a sense of distance, which you do by defining two opposing polarities that will forever be separated. And, of course, as soon as those two polarities are defined, the epic struggle between them is the inevitable result.

Yet I trust that those who have studied my previous ego discourses will see that the struggle can have NO reality in God. It can exist ONLY in the minds of self-aware beings who have stepped outside the Sphere of Oneness—meaning that it is ultimately unreal. Yet do you see why it is unreal?

The promise of the struggle is that there are two sides, and that one represents ultimate good and the other ultimate evil. By aligning yourself with ultimate good AND by fighting against the people who are aligned with evil, you – as a separate self – will gain a distinct advantage. Eventually, ultimate good will win the struggle, and then all who helped destroy ultimate evil will be rewarded.

Now, on a deeper level, this promise of a reward for a separate self is an illusion—since the separate self is an illusion. But, of course, no one blinded by separation can see this. Yet even those blinded by separation can see that if the promise of a reward was false, it would be silly of them to fight for one side and against the other. So consider how the promise could be fulfilled? It can happen ONLY when good finally wins over evil. Yet on a deeper level, what human beings call “good” was created in a polarity with what they call “evil.” The two are inseparable, meaning that one can NEVER destroy the other—for the only way for the epic struggle to end is if BOTH are transcended!


Good does not cancel out evil. The reality of God cancels out the illusion of the dualistic struggle.

Of course, this is again a point that no one blinded by separation can see, as such beings cannot see beyond the illusion of separation. But I trust that those who have started seeing beyond duality can see that the epic struggle is utterly pointless. It simply is not possible that good can win over evil, for “good” and “evil” are relative terms that cannot exist independently of each other.

You might say that ultimate good can win, but even that is an incorrect use of words. Ultimate good – the indivisible God – is NOT engaged in any struggle, for it recognizes no division—his eyes behold no iniquity. The ultimate God is not trying to defeat the devil, for God recognizes the unreality of the devil and thus sees no need to engage him in any way. The devil is not a threat to the Creator—the devil is simply irrelevant.

So do you see that the epic struggle is a grand illusion that has the effect of sucking people into an activity that eats up their attention and energy without having the potential of giving them what they seek? Even spiritual seekers can be sucked into this struggle by thinking they are fighting for the ultimate cause, fighting for God’s cause. In fact, even ascended master students in previous dispensations have had their attention consumed by the struggle.

And this, of course, brings us to an interesting point, for some will say that the ascended masters, through previous organizations, encouraged people to engage in the struggle by decreeing “against” certain dark forces or even organizations and individuals. Even I, Jesus, gave forth a judgment call through a previous organization.

Yet in order to understand this, you need to recognize that we of the ascended masters have only one goal, and that is to raise the consciousness of all people. Which means that we often – in fact, all the time – have to meet people at the level of consciousness where they are at, and then give them teachings that take them up from there. And the fact is that very few people on this planet were – back in 1958 when a previous dispensation was founded – ready for the non-dualistic teachings we are releasing today.

Thus, we had to adapt to what people could grasp, and the fact is that even the epic struggle can be used to promote spiritual progress. You see, one of the greatest enemies of progress is that people become comfortable in a certain lifestyle and simply want to enjoy life in the material realm. Throughout the ages, the epic struggle has indeed had the effect of pulling people out of that comfortability and “forcing” them to increase their skills in order to “defeat” the enemy—as for example seen in martial arts.

So my point is that even though the struggle is an illusion, it can still be used to promote growth. The downside, of course, is that once people become warriors, they can become stuck in that role for many lifetimes, before they finally move on to become sages who seek peace through the mind rather than seeking it through victory in war.

It has, of course, always been our hope that those who are direct students of the ascended masters would eventually rise above the struggle, as we have indeed given veiled teachings on this in every previous dispensation—for those who have eyes to read between the lines. Yet for those who have not been willing to see this, we have had no other option than to push people’s buttons in order to intensify the sense of struggle until people finally have enough. After all, as this messenger once realized, how long can you be in the mindset of fighting a war? Even the second world war lasted only five years, but some students have been fighting their own private, spiritual war against evil for decades. And their egos are laughing all the way to the bank, where they cash in the light that people misqualify through the struggle.

The illusion of a separate salvation

Once people engage in the epic struggle, they inevitably become more and more focused on themselves—as a distinct group set apart from all other people. An extreme example of this is the idea that a small tribe in the Middle East was – and is – God’s chosen people and will be favored above all others. Of course, there are many more examples of this, for example that the members of a small fundamentalist church are the only ones who will be saved by my return, or the idea that the members of an ascended master organization are more advanced than anyone else on the planet.

Can you see what is wrong with this idea? The plan of God is for the raising up of ALL life, until the entire sphere of the material universe becomes a part of the spiritual realm. Obviously, this does entail that individual people raise their consciousness and thereby pull up the collective consciousness. Yet can you see that raising your individual consciousness will eventually lead to Christ consciousness. And when you do attain this consciousness, you rise above the illusions of the ego, whereby you see the oneness of all life. In fact, God is seeking to raise up all life because to God all life is part of the One Greater Self—the only self that exists.

When you attain Christ consciousness, you see that “inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my little ones, ye have done it unto me.” You see through the lie of a separate salvation for one group or even yourself. You see the reality of the oneness of life, and thus your focus shifts from the – ego-based – drive to raise up yourself to the true desire to raise up yourself only as a way to raise the All. As I said:


And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. (John 12:32)


Do you see that those who think they are working for the salvation of a narrow group are still caught in the epic struggle? By their very mindset of separating people into those who will be saved and those who will not – based on outer characteristics and NOT individual choice – they are reinforcing the dualistic mindset that inevitably pits one group of people – as representatives of good – against another group that represents evil.

Can you see that millions of religious people are very sincere in their desire to save the world and save other people. Yet they are misguided in how this should be done, because they think the only way is to convert everyone to their religion, based on the dualistic illusion that membership of an earthly religion will guarantee your salvation.

In reality, the ONLY key to salvation is to raise your consciousness, and that can be attained regardless of your membership or non-membership of any earthly institution. Thus, can you see why we do not want our present students to continue in this work? Can you see why we want you to rise above duality and then – when you have removed the beam of duality from your own eye – help others do the same.

The sense of urgency

Why is the epic struggle so captivating? Why does it have the ability to suck people in, so they forget everything else and become unbalanced? It is because it automatically implies a sense of urgency. If you study the techniques used in brainwashing – or even in sales techniques – you will see that in order to get people to make rash decisions, you have to create a sense of urgency that puts people under pressure. And what greater urgency could there be than the imminent end of the world, where Jesus will return and judge all those who are not members of your religion?

Or consider some of the other myriad variations over the basic theme of the epic struggle. Look at how many times people have been sucked into thinking that they have to engage in violent actions in order to overcome some form of evil before an epic calamity takes place. What greater urgency can there be than thinking the future of the entire universe, or of God’s plan for that universe, depends on the actions of a small group of people on Earth? Even thinking global warming will wipe out all life is a version of the epic struggle.

Can you see how this makes the egos of such people feel an ultimate sense of importance—something the ego craves as part of its quest for security. For surely, those who respond to the need to save the universe will receive some ultimate reward when evil is finally conquered.

Again, this sense of urgency can have the effect of pulling people out of indifference and getting them to strive to excel. Yet even though this can have a positive effect of getting people to engage in the path of personal growth, it is only meant to be a stage on the path. You are meant to grow out of the sense of urgency, so that you naturally continue your growth but now do it with a sense of inner peace.

Obviously, we of the ascended masters know that as long as people are focused on enjoying material pleasures, or are otherwise indifferent to rising above the mass consciousness, they cannot grow spiritually. Thus, we will indeed use the sense of urgency to get people to start the spiritual path. Yet once people are locked in to the path, we have no desire to see them continue in the sense of urgency, thinking the world will end in the near future.

Obviously, there are cycles in the journey of this planet, and thus there are indeed times when an extraordinary effort is needed. Yet even in those times, we would much prefer that our students lock in to the deeper reality that the world will not end but will continue to provide a platform for the growth of self-aware beings. Thus, the further you go on the path to Christhood, the more the sense of urgency should diminish and give way to a deep inner peace, the peace that passes understanding because it is beyond this world. It is the peace of knowing who you are—an immortal spiritual being who is only temporarily participating in the drama called “Life on Earth.” This does NOT cause you to become indifferent; it only causes you to act from peace rather than fear.

The ultimate justification machine

The most dangerous effect of the epic struggle is that it serves as the perfect “machine” for allowing the ego to justify doing what it wants to do—namely raise itself up by putting others down. Seeing this should not require much thought. Just look at how the sense of an epic struggle makes it justifiable to do virtually anything to “save the universe from destruction.” When you add to that the sense of urgency, you will see how people can be made to do things that they know are wrong, while being absolutely convinced that they are necessary for a greater good.

What I am pointing out here is that the most dangerous effect of the epic struggle is that it leads to the consciousness that “the ends can justify the means.” This is the very consciousness that is responsible for the vast majority of atrocities seen in known history and beyond. For when the “end” is believed to be serious enough, it follows that any means that are believed to be necessary for achieving that end are automatically justifiable. Meaning that normal moral or ethical concerns simply do not apply. What is actually happening in this process?

You see, although most people are blinded by the duality consciousness, most are not so blinded that they have lost all sense of a greater right. The conscious self can never totally forget its origin, and thus it cannot completely lose an innate sense of right and wrong. So the only way your ego can get you to do something that your conscious self knows is wrong is to find a way to neutralize your inner sense of reality.

The primary tool for doing this is, of course, the epic struggle. As explained by Maitreya, there is a power elite of beings who are seeking to control planet Earth and its inhabitants. These beings have – as a result of their own choices – cut themselves off from being able to receive light directly from the spiritual realm. Thus, their continued existence is dependent upon stealing light from beings who have not yet lost that connection. And this can be done only by getting people to misqualify the pure spiritual energy they receive from above. Which again is best done by tricking people into engaging in any self-centered activity.

In order to achieve this, these forces of anti-christ – what I called the “prince of this world” – have created elaborate schemes that build on the epic struggle. For examples, take a look at history and see how many schemes have been used to override the most basic sense of right and wrong, namely the inner knowing that it is wrong to kill another human being.

This is truly the most basic of all moral imperatives, for your conscious self knows that it has no right to take the life of another human being. I realize most people will immediately seek to qualify this by referring to self-defense. But can you begin to see that the self that is defended by killing another human being is the separate self, and the act of defending it only reinforces the sense of separation?

Because this is a crucial point, let us take a closer look.

Understanding the command “Thou shallt not kill”

When you look at history, it is clear that the members of the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, have engaged in conflicts that killed millions of people. Yet the people doing this killing were deeply religious people, who honored the Old Testament. The center of which is the Ten Commandments, one of which states, “Thou shallt not kill.”

As I have said, this commandment is but an outer reminder of the innate sense that it is wrong to kill another human being. So how can the members of these religions be made to override both the inner command of their own beings and the outer command of their religion?

Well, when you look at the text of the Ten Commandments, you will see that it is unconditional. The commandments do NOT specify ANY conditions under which it becomes acceptable to kill. I know that you can quickly point to other passages in the Old Testament in which God supposedly commands the Israelites to kill other people, but can you see that there is a contrast between the unconditional nature of the Ten Commandments and the rest of the Old Testament? So what is happening here?

The entire story of the israelites being imprisoned by Pharaoh is actually a metaphor for the enslavement of the spiritual people of Earth by the elite of beings trapped in the consciousness of anti-christ. “Egypt” is a symbol for the duality consciousness, as opposed to “Israel” – Is real – which symbolizes the state of oneness with your source.

The escape from Egypt is a symbol for a cycle in Earth’s history, where greater numbers of people started to question their overlords. Thus, we of the ascended masters were allowed to send various teachers to represent the Christ consciousness and lead people out of the duality of “Egypt” and toward the promised land of oneness.

Moses ascending the mountain represents that such a leader goes to get a new covenant that can guide the people in their newfound freedom. Yet the withdrawal of the teacher was also a test to see whether the people would rise to use their inner discernment or would simply look for another overlord to tell them what to do. Do you see that the people cannot be free from a tyrant until they are willing to take responsibility for themselves? Moses did originally get a higher covenant, but when he returned and saw that in his absence, the people had sunk right back into the duality consciousness instead of rising to the occasion, he smashed it in anger (which was a mistake on his part that cost him his ascension in that lifetime).

Thus, he had to go back and get a covenant adapted to the lower consciousness of a particular group of people, meaning that the original covenant was withheld for a time. That is why the Ten Commandments are such direct statements of “do this” and “don’t do that,” instead of a higher teaching.

As a side note, the original covenant was then given by me in my embodiment as Jesus. You will see the seeds of non-duality between the lines of my teaching, as I have explained throughout this website. You will also see that I had to pass the test of NOT reacting with anger no matter how the people responded to my ministry. Thus, I had to pass the ultimate test of letting them humiliate and kill me without responding with anger. In doing so, I cemented the new covenant and made it a permanent part of the collective consciousness. Which means that since then, people have had a greater opportunity to embody the Christ consciousness on Earth—an opportunity that was – in practicality, not in theory – out of reach before.

My point here being that the new covenant – the Christ covenant – is one of the people using their innate ability – the key of knowledge – to discern between what is God’s reality and what is an unreality created by the duality consciousness. The most important effect of this is that people use their discernment to see through the many subtle disguises of the epic struggle and the consciousness that the ends can justify the means.

The conclusion being, of course, that the ends can NEVER justify the means. This can be understood ONLY when you know the reality of which kind of “end” God is looking for. As I have explained, the goal of God is to raise up ALL life. This can NOT be achieved by using means that put down – or kill – one part of life while raising up another. Thus, killing is NEVER justified in the greater cause of raising up the All. Which is precisely why I told people NOT to resist evil but to turn the other cheek. Turning the other cheek is the ONLY way to avoid being pulled into the dualistic struggle.

Do you see my point? The ego and the false teachers of anti-christ have come up with myriad schemes for overriding your conscious self’s inner sense of reality. They seek to get you to ignore, override or analyze away your inner knowing, so you fall prey to the belief that in this particular case it is justifiable to do what you know to be wrong.
Do you begin to see my point? Letting something in this world override your inner sense of reality is NEVER justified and will NEVER contribute to God’s cause of raising up the All. Thus, for true students of Christ, this entire consciousness MUST be unmasked and abandoned. Which means you must begin by looking for this beam in your own eye.

The epic struggle in your personal life?

Obviously, the epic struggle has a number of very serious effects on a world scale, most notably in serving as the “perfect” justification for war, genocide, discrimination, racial tension and so forth. Yet my concern in this context is to show you that the epic struggle has a very serious effect on the individual level, an effect that can terminate your personal growth toward Christhood. What is that effect? Take a look at this statement of mine:


3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?
5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye. (Matthew, Chapter 7)


The ego, of course, never wants to take responsibility for anything (another ego game we will look at), so it wants to point the finger at someone else. And the epic struggle gives the perfect justification for turning other people into scapegoats and saying that they are the ones creating all of the problems on this planet or in your personal life. YOU don’t have to change, for THEY are the ones with the problem. And as long as you believe in this – and stay engaged in the struggle with other people – your ego can feel secure. For how can you possibly unmask your own ego, as long as you are always looking outside yourself? Can you see this ego game at work in the way you interact with or view other people, from your spouse and family to other groups of people?

It is sad to have to say this, but many otherwise sincere spiritual seekers – including many who call themselves ascended master students – are still trapped in a subtle form of this ego game. They think they are being spiritual and doing something important to save the world, but in reality, they have used their own version of the epic struggle as an excuse for NOT doing the only thing that can truly save the world, namely that they attain the Christ consciousness.

You see, my beloved, what will save the world – by raising the collective consciousness of humankind – is that a critical mass of people attain personal Christhood. And for YOU to attain that, you must stop looking outside yourself and be willing to look for the elements of duality in your own consciousness.

The equation is very simple. You may be able to see all kinds of faults in other people, and they may indeed be valid faults. Yet the faults or virtues of other people have absolutely NO impact on your personal growth toward Christhood. Even if you could see through every single human fault in other people, it would NOT take you one step closer to Christhood. What WILL take you closer to Christhood is that you see an element of duality in your own mind and then decide to rise above it.

Do you truly see what I am saying here? You will NOT grow as long as you are looking outside yourself and refuse to look in the mirror. And the epic struggle is your ego’s perfect diversionary mechanism to get you to always look for the faults of other people and neglect looking at yourself.

Add to this the sense of urgency that we have to save the planet before a certain deadline, and you have the “perfect storm” that keeps people so busy with external activities that they never have the attention left over for looking within. Yet where did I say that the kingdom of God is to be found? So why do even ascended master students keep believing that they can find it anywhere else?

The ONLY way to save the world is to help all people rise above the illusion of separation and the lies of duality. This can NOT be done by defeating other people but ONLY by YOU seeing beyond duality and then helping others do the same. Oneness is the ONLY way to end separation, and oneness MUST begin with YOU seeing oneness with your own Higher Being and then oneness with all life. There is NO other way.

It has been over 18 years since this messenger realized that he was using the teachings of the ascended masters – and the sense of urgency of having to save the world for Saint Germain – as an excuse for NOT healing his own psychological wounds. He then realized that this was delaying – indefinitely – his progress toward Christhood and decided to change course in life. He made use of available techniques for psychological healing, including therapy, and as a result made major progress.

Now, he did not realize this on his own. I actually gave him this direction from within. Yet do not think he is special, for I have given the exact same direction to YOU. The difference is that so far you have no been willing to heed my prompting. YOU have reasoned that because this is such a critical time, you do not have time to work on yourself, for you have to do this or that outer activity to save the world, and then you can worry about saving yourself.

My beloved, this reasoning can come from only one source, namely your ego. There are two major things wrong with it. One is that the only way to save the world is to raise people to Christhood, for only this will pull up the collective consciousness. The other thing is that I am not concerned about saving the world—I am only concerned about saving individual beings, for that is the very purpose for the existence of the world. Thus, trying to save the world before saving yourself is putting the cart before the horse.

If you are finally ready to neutralize your ego’s lies and look for the beam in my own eye, I suggest available forms of psychological healing and my new book that gives a course in personal Christhood.

Now, we have another aspect of the epic struggle to consider, but it is so subtle and multi-facetted that I will consider it as a separate ego game, namely the game of creating drama through the struggle between two opposites.




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